What’s happening with Immigration

I haven’t posted in a while, there’s lots going on.

The whole idea behind the mass migration, was to destroy nation states and their cultures. Their aim is NWO, One World Government, with One Religion, One Currency, One ‘race / colour’ and One Army, with ‘Regions’ controlled by Military Police. This will be overseen by the Banks & Corporations, mass migration was first thought about and sanctioned by Churchill in the 1930’s. http://www.businessmir.ch/?p=1…
The EU was set up primarily with this in mind; https://www.youtube.com/watch?…

and the UK, which is supposed to become ‘Regions’ of EU on 1/1/2020 have already made plans for such; http://www.ukcolumn.org/articl… they have even gone to the extent of making Procurement Law that bans them buying British? http://www.ukcolumn.org/articl…

The Economy [read numbers racket] is a fiction, we lose circa £5bn per annum on Trade deals. Money is created from ‘Thin-Air’ every time a loan is made then ADDED to our GDP, the same applies across all western nations. Governments are controlled by Corporations with jobs and Banks with money supply, they determine who they lend to. This scam is ran by Fed Res, BoE & ECB with BIS as the over-seers.

Our biggest ‘earner’ is Consumer Spending, which comes from the loans, this is the real reason we rely on Immigration, we have 20m [ONS figures] Economically In-Active [can’t get a loan]


These are the last figures I can now find, as ONS have changed format and made it difficult to actually find figures [archived]

Cameron stated they [Tories] had created 2 million jobs, but failed to mention they had allowed in over 2.5m, while only removing 600,000 from the unemployment register. This is why we need Brexit, the whole system is broken. America are charging around the world trying to force nations ‘back’ into using their dollar, as they set up ‘trade treaties’ that will unite all those nations against BRICS, who are driven by Russia & China.

TPP-TTIP-CETA are their next move towards NWO, it unites all 40 nations as One -single market- against the BRICS who want to use ‘gold backed currencies’ for trading. These nations are also against NWO, as Putin has spoken about in numerous UN speeches. These are either not reported or ignored. This was one of the main reasons Putin [Russia] were booted from the G8. http://worldtruth.tv/vladimir-putin-exposes-the-new-world-order/ these nations will be forced in by war, Financial, Sanctioned or Military. ASmerica have already Regime Changed Argentina & Brazil, while holding Venezuela in a financial strangle hold.

This lines up with what I have been hearing elsewhere. http://sitsshow.blogspot.co.uk/2016/11/Benjamin-Fulford-November-14th-2016-Carpe-diem-seize-the-day-and-mount-a-final-assault-on-the-Khazarian-mafia.html

Do you ever wonder why MSM [Most Stories Manufactured] don’t show footage of the Syrians being released from captivity by US / UK supported Terrorists? Is it because they praise Assad and Putin for setting them free? Who saw this during the reports; https://www.facebook.com/HumanityFirst24x7/videos/1145869985468664/




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