A bit about little ol’ me.

I’m 59 years old and married to Teresa, we have 2 children George and Rebecca, we holiday a lot on the Greek Isle of Kefalonia and have done since 1995, although my first visit was the year before on my own. I’m a keen angler and do a fair bit of reading in my spare time. I follow Everton football club and like driving a lot, in fact we driven to Kefalonia, twice.  www.billrollinson.co.uk

I am an Electrician by trade and worked mainly in the car and air-port industry, till an illness struck me down in 2007, I was rushed to hospital with pneumonia and suffered multi-organ failure within minutes of arriving. I was placed in ICU, after being resuscitated by the crash team,  I then spent a further month in hospital recuperating. I have muscle failure and can’t stand for long periods, about the time it takes to boil a kettle, without support.

I now spend my free time perusing the internet, trying to find out what, exactly is going on, in this country of ours and the odd sortie with friends, for the odd libation.

Mr. Rollinson; does not necessarily support or endorse the products, services or positions promoted in any advertisement contained herein, and does not have control over or receive compensation from any advertiser.


5 Responses to A bit about little ol’ me.

  1. George Talbot says:

    I tried to post a comment on Not in our Name!! but repeatedly got
    ERROR: please fill the required fields (name, email).
    Despite George Talbot: You are commenting using your Google+ account showing.
    It is awaiting moderation when posted using name and email.
    Will post similarly as the same problem occurs here.

  2. George Talbot says:

    My message is still awaiting moderation on my PC. But rather than post these admin messages why don’t you accept or reject it or discuss the situation by email?

  3. Hi George, I saw your ‘comment’ which isn’t really, it’s just an error message. I did accept it, so should be well clear by now? What is the situation to discuss?

    • George Talbot says:

      Bill – My comment, 8 Nov, above is an error message. I could not find another way to tell you I could not post on Not in our Name!! using Google+. But my message there, also posted 8 Nov as above, was a serious comment that was awaiting moderation. The offer to discuss was in case you did not like something and I could change it. It has gone but I have a copy of the text.
      Feel free to delete these admin posts when we’re done.

  4. Test of Google+ after Log in OK.

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