What’s not being discussed in the Referendum

UK Regionalisation   Map of UK

Above left, is the EU’s map of the UK after 2020, when we will be divided up into 12 Regions, a similar scale map of the existing UK is on the right. At present we have 161 different Councils in England, Scotland, NI and Wales, the EU want to reduce this to just 12, it makes us ‘easier’ to control, less centers of power, just as they are reducing 28 Countries to just One Nation, which will be enrolled in the NWO, One World Government under TPP-TTIP, this incidentally, no-one is talking about in this ‘Referendum Debate’?


TPP-TTIP is supposed to be about ‘Trade’, it is to an extent, but with 48% of the world population omitted? The BRICS nations have been excluded because they won’t use the American dollar to trade, they have their own ‘gold backed’ Currencies, which they won’t allow to be exchanged for ‘Fiat’ money. So in effect the TPP-TTIP agreements are US Fiat versus BRICS Gold. Their NWO One World Government can’t work with the threat of ‘gold backed’ currencies, this will mean war to force them in, a fight for hegemony.

US Fiat = NWO, One World unipolar Government. Controlled by Banks & Corporations.

BRICS Gold = Multipolar Government. Each Nation is Sovereign.

On the 31/3/2017 we become Fully Integrated into the EU, we lose the right to Article 50, we can no longer Repeal ECA 1972 and new laws are introduced to bind us to EU forever. Then on the 1/1/2020 we become Regions of the EU, these will be divided [as above map] with the HoC closing for much needed repair, only to reopen as the Grandiose London Regional seat, NOT the Seat of National Government, as it is now! The Lisbon Treaty states that all members will adopt the Euro by 2020, this can only mean that after this Parliament, [May 2020] WE ARE Governed by Brussels!

The US are currently attacking BRICS nations in their attempt to destroy them. They have Regime Changed Brazil and Argentina, they have Venezuela in a Financial strangulation and they oppose S Africa’s Zuma’s re-election. They invaded Ukraine to stop them joining BRICS and are currently bombing Syria because they won’t use the American dollar. They have already tried twice to instigate WW3, once at Kaliningrad, when Russia sent them packing and at Moldova; http://thesaker.is/failed-nato-invasion-of-moldova-sitrep-by-scott/   A vote to Remain is a vote for TTIP and WAR with Russia, China and Iran, who won’t bow down to American Imperialism!


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