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1….so you want Brit consumers to pay more do you…..supermarkets buy from the most cost effective suppliers…ICI taken over by Dutch giants co Akzo Nobel, still mfr in the UK…Ford still make engines in the UK..Marconi were run into the ground …

…lost government owned utilties…er…now owned by the French and Germans thanks to Boris’ gf Thatcher, like our Railways thanks to Tory policies now owned by, German, French, Italian and Dutch gov companies….why do you hate profitable well run efficient companies…?

Profitable well run companies?

They come here, buy up important British companies, take the brains and Patents away, close the company down and throw the skilled labour and all those jobs on the scrap heap. Ford are a shadow of their past, they have a small Engine plant in London, Dagenham was the size of a small town! There used to be a Foundry in Bingley, Yorks, ‘Repton Foundary’, they made castings for Ford engines & Gearboxes. Taxpayers paid them to move their Transit plant from Southampton to Turkey with EU funding and Turkey aren’t even in EU? Marconi, a former GEC company, bought up Plessey and a subsidiary of Siemans AG in 1989, it then hit ‘difficulties’ and the bulk of it swallowed up by Ericsson Telecoms, some went to British Aerospace which ended up as BAE, all the time shipping jobs and transferring patents. BAE is soon to be taken over by Lockheed Martin and Rolls Royce is to be split into three, with the ‘mini-nuclear’ section going to China! This because under EU competition rules, Government aren’t allowed to subsidise and RR Aero need financing! All the time jobs and patents and skills are being wasted!

The Trains may be owned by Government, but that’s so the taxpayer pays for the upkeep of the lines. All the trains are ran by Private franchise, who keep the profits!

This deprives the local economy of all that income, Government lose all that income tax and NI, as well as the Corporation tax, never mind the Black Holes in the Pension Funds, which gets swept under the carpet, after a very brief public hearing! And all this is good and must be applauded?  This has been going on since the 60’s when Supermarkets moved in on small shopkeepers. Buying cheap in bulk off threatened Farmers, allowed them to undercut the ‘little-man’! Then DIY, Garages, at present they are attacking Sole Trader Hoteliers, worldwide, with their cheap All-In Deals. They won’t be happy until they control every aspect of the economy in ALL nations!

We had our last Navy ships built in S Korea, Cammell-Laird in Birkenhead, nr Liverpool, have just won a £600m contract to build 2 Frigates. The first thing they announced was 300 redundancies? They’ve learnt how to play the game, decimate your staff and recruit as needed via Agency labour. Saves them paying; Sick-Pay, Holiday-Pay, NI and Income Tax! The country can’t afford this loss to the system and the area can’t afford this loss to its economy! This is why we need to get away from a Corporate driven EU and a Capitalist driven destructive Government.

Leaving opens us up to a cheaper market, away from the protectionism of the SM & CU and into the big wide world!

Have you not took stock of our choices?

6 Banks.

6 Supermarkets.

6 Garages.

6 Energy Companies.

6 DIY Retailers

They allow the little corner shops, to cover out of hours sales. We are being pigeon holed.


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Money creation and our Economy

Money is created from fresh air by banks, every time a loan is made, this is then added to our GDP, as it’s spent into the economy. When the ‘loan’ is repaid, that money is no longer in the system, so we need to create more, which is why we always appear to be in Debt. This is because Debt = Growth! When a loan is made, the bank simply credits your account with 1’s & 0’s, no ‘real’ money is printed, as this would decrease the value of what’s already in the system.

Bankers story


I’ve asked this question many times, “why do our Government pay interest on its own currency from Banks”? I asked my MP back in March [8 month ago] still I have no answer. Banks currently make circa £23bn per year, just from money creation alone?


What is Growth?

Business will tell you it’s an increase in last months, quarters, years, figures, but surely, it’s impossible for every nation to grow, sell more & more, at the same time? And to do so every year, would be phenomenal. Growth is achieved with borrowing, which in turn leads to goods being bought, because of the wage structure our GDP relies on borrowing. Which is why Osborne, after the vote Leave result, said he may have to raise Student loans, IF their prediction [recession] came true. It was the ONLY way they could maintain GDP figures.

After the crash of 2008, we gave banks £350bn QE, the majority of which went on mortgages.

This led to; 1. value of the asset rising. 2. which pushed other property prices up. 3. which in turn led to inflation. Therefore Growth is really an increase in the money spent [borrowed] as our GDP figure is really last year’s figure plus or minus the interest, depending on ‘growth’ and purchasing power is diminished! £10 an hour now, won’t buy half it did in 2003.

We have ‘Real Growth’ and ‘Nominal Growth’, Real growth is measured by using the ‘Fisher Equation’ [r = n – i] Start with the current CPI and nominal index rate data:

Year 1 100

Year 2 110

Year 3 120

Year 4 115

Nominal Interest data;

Yr 1 –

Yr 2 = 15%

Yr 3 = 13%

Yr 4 = 8%

i = Interest rate, n = Nominal, r = Real

So the inflation rate for 1st yr would be [110 – 100 ] / 100 = .1 = 10%. Do this for each yr

Yr1  –

Yr 2 = 10%

Yr 3 = 9.1%

Yr 4 = -4.2%

Using the simple formula [r=n-i] will give the ‘real’ interest rate.

Yr 1 –

Yr 2 = 15% – 10% = 5%

Yr 3 = 13% – 9.1% = 3.9%

Yr 4 = 8% – (-4.2%) = 12.2%

For too long Corporations have been buying up smaller companies and putting others out of business, destroying competition, hence the lack of jobs! [see ‘I’ll just leave this here, @ bottom of page] I don’t know how much people have been paying attention, but take a look around. We appear to have a limited choice in nearly every aspect of our lives; 6 Energy companies, 6 Supermarkets, 6 DIY stores, 6 Garages, 6 Banks, [All Corporate] the corner shops are allowed to pick up the scraps, as they serve the inhospitable hours, at a cost.


We should return to Government creating money and issuing interest free for Social Infrastructure. This allows them to create money, issue bonds to investors and pay a decent wage, which will in turn be spent into the Economy, not borrowed in, as is now! This sees Productivity grow, as mortgages are brought back under control, as are loans, as Domestic & Commercial branches of Banking are split. Just as we did in 1914!


It’s my belief, ours and other major western nations, are being controlled by Corporations with the threat of removing jobs and Banks with money supply [choose who to loan to] To date there are just 147 Corporations that control all worldwide business and finance.

10 companies that control all.

 They currently own circa 80% of world jobs and under TPP-TTIP-CETA Treaties, were supposed to be given all Public Service Rights and the biggest Public Service ……………………… Government! This is why they are pushing for NWO, One World Government, which is obvious when you look at the EU-UK situation, and the Government failing to deliver the Referendum result.

Take ABF [Associated British Foods] they own 20 brands and have 18 subsidiaries. Among them; Kingsmill Bread, Ovaltine, Ryvita, Sunblest Bread & Twinnings Tea.

Subsidiaries; ACH Food companies, ACH Mexico, British Sugar, Primark are among the 18.


Let’s get back to the ‘money side’, at present mass migration is an issue across EU, UK as well as US, NZ, Australia, Canada [5 eyes] This is being driven because of money, or lack of in developed nations. Companies have the jobs, but don’t want to pay the wage. But they need people to spend to buy their goods, so they allow cheap loans. Now, I know from Government figures, we have 20m Economically In-Active [basically can’t get a loan] don’t seek employment, don’t receive Benefits, basically unemployed, but imagine any Government saying; “We have 20m unemployed“? They still spend what they get in the economy, but because they can’t borrow, we call them Economically Inactive.


This mass migration also helps their NWO plans, we see at present in EU, unemployment is high and ‘growth’ is poor, while in UK, unemployment has gone down and growth up. This would explain the ‘money side’ as their citizens are borrowing in our economy, if they were in EU, their unemployment would be higher and ours & their growth lower. As they push for open borders and help people migrate, replacing the indigenous population with African’s & Arabs, mostly Muslims, a different culture entirely. Because of Muslim Islamic religion [Quran] many of these people are disliked by the indigenous, for this they are given a stigmatizing name; ‘Islamophobic’!


One final say on our Brexit deal.

We aren’t getting one! This EU, NWO, has been a push of the UK City of London since 1948, as this talk proves! 


Along with our Sovereignty given away, goes our Military, which too has been getting sold out for all this time, here is the current state of play!




I’ll just leave this here, for your information.




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The Lies we were told!

In 1973 Ted Heath, then Prime Minister for Great Britain & Northern Ireland, took us into what was then the EEC, The Common Market, we were told, would benefit us greatly, it did no such thing, though it did benefit the Corporations! Hidden behind a cloud of secrecy, was a Document, FCO 30/1048, that was hidden for 30 years, this was a list of questions and answers, allegedly to appease the public, so why was it hidden?

There’s also a letter from a ‘Denis’ Greenhill of the Foreign & Commonwealth Office 21st June 1971, explaining the why’s and wherefores of our Sovereignty and how the HMG’s  freedom, will and will not be restrained.

Q1 Would the position of the Monarchy be affected?

A. No.

Q2 Would constitutional position of the crown be affected?

A. No.

Q3. By entering EEC, would UK cease to be regarded as a Sovereign Independent state in International Law?

A. No

Q4. Would our International influence be affected?

A. Yes, it would be strengthened.

Q5. Would UK retain it’s freedom of action in Foreign Affairs & Defence.

A. Waffling answer, but ends “these do not include defence”!

These are just the first 5 questions, see for yourself and the rest of the questions here;

and another post on the position of our Sovereignty here;

All in all, we appear to have been lied to for over 45 years, since we joined, but in fact it’s much longer than that. have found information that we have been lied to since 1948 and it lends credence to the fact UN was actually set up to create their NWO. Along with IMF, World Bank and NATO as the enforcers.


The real intention of the EU was to turn all member states into One Huge Single nation, with one flag, one army, one currency, one religion and one race. All this is no plain to see, in fact some of these [intentions] have been made public by leaders of EU, Junker, Shultz, Barosso, Rumploy, Redding, on numerous occasions, even Guy Verhofstadt, Belgian MEP, keeps banging on about ever closer Union.

I believe May intends to keep us in the EU, by foul means. In 2007 we signed the Lisbon Treaty, when we did, we and all other nations signed away our Sovereignty. I believe May wants a Transition period, that takes us past our leave date, 29/3/2019, but before our next alleged GE, May 2022, which allows Lisbon Treaty clauses to become law and as members, until we leave, we’re bound to accept them.

Once we accept this, we can’t leave, because of the Treaty, we could fight, but what with, May has given our Armed Forces to the EU?

Here’s a readable version of Lisbon Treaty and the other Treaties needed to understand it; TFEU & TEU.

Here is also a Laymans version of the Lisbon Treaty;

EU Superstate

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Unemployment in UK 2018.

Today, 17th October 2018, we are being informed, all over twitter, our unemployment figures have dropped to a 45 yr low, 1.36m, this is great, but are they believable?

First, were did all these new jobs come from? Did they split one 8 hr job into two 4 hr ones or three 3 hr ones? This would reduce NI and Income Tax receipts, but it should, in effect, push up ‘production’ figures?

We have stats, believed to come from ONS, that our unemployment figure is now 4%, but that doesn’t add up, because the same ONS tell us we have a Working age 16+ population of 54m, yet only 32.9m in work, according to;

The same source tells us, between Mar-May 2018 and Jun-Aug 2018, the number of unemployed people decreased but the number of people aged from 16 to 64 years not working and not seeking or available to work (economically inactive) increased.

4% of 54,000,000 is 2,160,000 [unemployed] but here we have the official figures at 1.36m unemployed and there were 8.75 million people aged from 16 to 64 years who were economically inactive (not working and not seeking or available to work),

32.9 + 1.36 + 8.75 = 43.01, sooo, where are the missing 10.99m? They are unemployed too, they are part of the Economically In-Active, but over 64  yrs old.


Other figures out, are the high Youth unemployment of EU nations, it’s worth pointing out here, these figures would be much higher, if they weren’t working in the slave labour market of the UK.

Lastly: Greece has the highest Youth unemployment at 37.9% and highest unemployment of 19%, it’s worth bearing in mind, they only have a workforce of 5.1m aged 16 – 64 yrs old. Yet some Muppet thought it a good idea to loan them €375bn, they must have had an Agenda?

A quickie for you, Government rely on Debt for Growth, banks create money from fresh air when loans are made, these are added to our GDP, we have 19.74m Economically In-Active, who can’t get a loan. This is why Governments NEED immigration, or ‘new borrowers’. Because when the loans paid back, the money is no longer in the system, so we need to ‘create’ more.

To understand how this all works, the 20m ‘economically in-active’, are really ‘blacklisted’ can’t get a loan people, hence ‘economically’ in-active, they  can’t contribute, even though what money they do get, is spent in the system. The banks need new borrowers [immigrants] to maintain the cycle of GDP.

When money is loaned for the purchase of an existing commodity, [house] it doesn’t improve production levels, only increases the property value and raises interest. This is why it’s better to loan for investment, that actually creates goods that can be sold. It’s fair to say, the only time productivity levels rise, is when we build houses.


Two useful pieces of information above.

Ah well, back to the drawing board!

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What’s happening with Immigration

I haven’t posted in a while, there’s lots going on.

The whole idea behind the mass migration, was to destroy nation states and their cultures. Their aim is NWO, One World Government, with One Religion, One Currency, One ‘race / colour’ and One Army, with ‘Regions’ controlled by Military Police. This will be overseen by the Banks & Corporations, mass migration was first thought about and sanctioned by Churchill in the 1930’s.…
The EU was set up primarily with this in mind;…

and the UK, which is supposed to become ‘Regions’ of EU on 1/1/2020 have already made plans for such;… they have even gone to the extent of making Procurement Law that bans them buying British?…

The Economy [read numbers racket] is a fiction, we lose circa £5bn per annum on Trade deals. Money is created from ‘Thin-Air’ every time a loan is made then ADDED to our GDP, the same applies across all western nations. Governments are controlled by Corporations with jobs and Banks with money supply, they determine who they lend to. This scam is ran by Fed Res, BoE & ECB with BIS as the over-seers.

Our biggest ‘earner’ is Consumer Spending, which comes from the loans, this is the real reason we rely on Immigration, we have 20m [ONS figures] Economically In-Active [can’t get a loan]


These are the last figures I can now find, as ONS have changed format and made it difficult to actually find figures [archived]

Cameron stated they [Tories] had created 2 million jobs, but failed to mention they had allowed in over 2.5m, while only removing 600,000 from the unemployment register. This is why we need Brexit, the whole system is broken. America are charging around the world trying to force nations ‘back’ into using their dollar, as they set up ‘trade treaties’ that will unite all those nations against BRICS, who are driven by Russia & China.

TPP-TTIP-CETA are their next move towards NWO, it unites all 40 nations as One -single market- against the BRICS who want to use ‘gold backed currencies’ for trading. These nations are also against NWO, as Putin has spoken about in numerous UN speeches. These are either not reported or ignored. This was one of the main reasons Putin [Russia] were booted from the G8. these nations will be forced in by war, Financial, Sanctioned or Military. ASmerica have already Regime Changed Argentina & Brazil, while holding Venezuela in a financial strangle hold.

This lines up with what I have been hearing elsewhere.

Do you ever wonder why MSM [Most Stories Manufactured] don’t show footage of the Syrians being released from captivity by US / UK supported Terrorists? Is it because they praise Assad and Putin for setting them free? Who saw this during the reports;



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What’s not being discussed in the Referendum

UK Regionalisation   Map of UK

Above left, is the EU’s map of the UK after 2020, when we will be divided up into 12 Regions, a similar scale map of the existing UK is on the right. At present we have 161 different Councils in England, Scotland, NI and Wales, the EU want to reduce this to just 12, it makes us ‘easier’ to control, less centers of power, just as they are reducing 28 Countries to just One Nation, which will be enrolled in the NWO, One World Government under TPP-TTIP, this incidentally, no-one is talking about in this ‘Referendum Debate’?

TPP-TTIP is supposed to be about ‘Trade’, it is to an extent, but with 48% of the world population omitted? The BRICS nations have been excluded because they won’t use the American dollar to trade, they have their own ‘gold backed’ Currencies, which they won’t allow to be exchanged for ‘Fiat’ money. So in effect the TPP-TTIP agreements are US Fiat versus BRICS Gold. Their NWO One World Government can’t work with the threat of ‘gold backed’ currencies, this will mean war to force them in, a fight for hegemony.

US Fiat = NWO, One World unipolar Government. Controlled by Banks & Corporations.

BRICS Gold = Multipolar Government. Each Nation is Sovereign.

On the 31/3/2017 we become Fully Integrated into the EU, we lose the right to Article 50, we can no longer Repeal ECA 1972 and new laws are introduced to bind us to EU forever. Then on the 1/1/2020 we become Regions of the EU, these will be divided [as above map] with the HoC closing for much needed repair, only to reopen as the Grandiose London Regional seat, NOT the Seat of National Government, as it is now! The Lisbon Treaty states that all members will adopt the Euro by 2020, this can only mean that after this Parliament, [May 2020] WE ARE Governed by Brussels!

The US are currently attacking BRICS nations in their attempt to destroy them. They have Regime Changed Brazil and Argentina, they have Venezuela in a Financial strangulation and they oppose S Africa’s Zuma’s re-election. They invaded Ukraine to stop them joining BRICS and are currently bombing Syria because they won’t use the American dollar. They have already tried twice to instigate WW3, once at Kaliningrad, when Russia sent them packing and at Moldova;   A vote to Remain is a vote for TTIP and WAR with Russia, China and Iran, who won’t bow down to American Imperialism!

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The rise and fall of Hitler

This is in no-way an attack on anybody, group or race. This is merely about education and factual evidence, some of which has been suppressed. I have no qualms with any race or Religion, as long as they don’t try and force their agenda on me.

This will show to the ‘younger’ readers, how PC has been used to close down debate.

Back in 1919 the German population were fined an extortionate amount of money, for a war they didn’t start. The Treaty of Versailles – forced them to accept responsibility for starting the war [which was started by Austria and Yugoslavia] and cost them the equivalent of £284bn today. The First World war was concluded in 1916 and according to this; – we had the German Revolution straight after [1918 – 1919] this is when the Weimar Government was set up.
In its turbulent history, the Weimar suffered peaks and troughs with its Economy. They brought stability to tax laws and fixed the Railway system, but the Zionist Jews, who brought about the Balfour Declaration at the Treaty of Versailles, wanted to bring them down. They set about the down fall of the Government, they called for the banning of German goods world-wide. Woolworths in NY had to throw over $2m dollars worth of German crockery into the Hudson river [a large sum at the time]. All of this is well documented in Benjamin Freemans speech in 1961 at the Willard Hotel;
Notice, during this time, not one Jew was injured, as was reported at the time by various agencies and Jewish Council groups, in retribution. Also notice, there’s no mention of the word ‘Anti-Semitic? The Jews were making extraordinary demands of the Government, demanding jobs in high places, positions of power. Just before the collapse, Hitler joined the Government as Chancellor in 1933. It was then that Hitler made his agreement with Zionist David Gurion, to repatriate the Jews home,

Hitler was a Rothschild – back to Palestine, which had been given to the Zionists [Balfour Declaration] at the Treaty of Versailles. Hitler then went on to become something of a miracle worker;

When the Weimar Republic collapsed economically, it opened the door for the National Socialists to take power. Their first financial move was to issue their own state currency which was not borrowed from private central bankers. Freed from having to pay interest on the money in circulation, Germany blossomed and quickly began to rebuild its industry. The media called it “The German Miracle”. TIME magazine lionized Hitler for the amazing improvement in life for the German people and the explosion of German industry, and even named him TIME Magazine’s “Man Of The Year” in 1938

Notice how he put the Zionists nose out of joint, he stopped them from using German Economy with their banks.
I put this information here, because the end of WW2 is ‘cloudy’, if Hitler wasn’t prepared to harm Jews in 1933, why would he murder them in 1947? There are many stories about the Holocaust and this is where the word ‘Anti-Semitism’ was born, as they are written by the ‘winners’. It was introduced to stop people asking questions of the Holocaust.

I have no doubt something happened, but there’s always been argument about the numbers. For one, there were only 6m Jews in the whole of Europe?

Move forward to the present day and the same Zionists now push for NWO, One World Government, along with the Greater Israel Project, which is the reason for Arab Spring and war in Syria. They are using ‘far-right’ Nazi’s, the Azov Brigade in Ukraine, to do their bidding. Using ISIS and Al-Nusra in Syria and Iraq, as a means of destabilising. This is why Israel are being compared to Nazi Germany, with their treatment of Palestinians, who btw, are also Jews.

Why be PC

Some more Historical references re Ashkenazim Jews; and here;
Another link worth visiting; Part 27 of ‘The Greatest Story Never Told‘ were Hitler throws out all the Zionists and ‘incorrigibles’, including Tesla and Marlene Dietrich, from Berlin, the 1920’s ‘Babylon’.
It’s now quite understandable why they want to shout ANTISEMITIC every time the issue is brought up.

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