Corporate Control

The TPP-TTIP, which is being discussed in secret, is in effect their next move towards NWO, One World Government. Why else would they purposely exclude the BRICS nations? At present, the UK is helping US along with vassal states, towards Regime Change in; Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Syria across ME and Brazil, Ukraine elsewhere, along with Financial war in Venezuela. WHY?

On the 31/3/2017 the UK becomes Fully Integrated into EU and on 1/1/2020 we become Regions [ ] ran by MEP’s. After this Parliament [May 2020] we’ll become just as Greece are now, ran by Corporations with a Government, that can’t make laws, simply Rubber Stamping diktats! These ‘Treaties’ are IRREVERSIBLE, which means no future Government can change, because WE GAVE AWAY OUR SOVEREIGNTY! The HoC will re-open after much needed repair, as the Grandiose Regional London Seat, not the National Seat of Government.

Yanukovich was about to sign to stay with Russia and the BRICS, so US over-threw him. Turkey were about to join the BRICS, after EU snubbed them, till US ordered they ‘shoot down’ the Russian jet. The TTIP-TPP is all about the West and Vassals fighting East [BRICS] and the ‘new silk road’ Eurasian Union, for hegemony.

While this is going on the ‘present’ Government are changing the way the country is Governed, they are pushing ‘Devolution’ [Regions in disguise] they are setting Public Services up for Privatisation; NHS, Health, Education, Justice and Police. I say present because the Labour Government before, were just as complicit! Privatising Hinchingbrook, building Academies and setting NHS up for the H&SCA to be introduced so quickly.

This all happened because people were too lazy to read and relied too much on media, which NEVER reported what was really happening! Here are the links that will help you understand;
[  ]- Protocol 9. “what happens between 1/11/2014 & 31/3/2017 and after.”
[ ]
[ ] – Page 12, Article 16 [4] [5] – An unbiased news media along with these for use in collaboration.
[ ]      [ ] ] ]
[ ] [ ]  [ ]

[ ] On Good Friday, Cameron set this Bill in motion. It’s already passed second reading, yet no-one has heard about it?


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