What are they hiding?

So, you think you’re well educated or at least of average IQ, why then do we not question events, but accept the ‘official’ narrative? Why do we chastise people who ‘do’ question the ‘official’ narrative? I keep myself to myself, I don’t have any views on Religion [Atheist], I certainly don’t push my views on others, yet I’m told I’m being Anti-Semitic if I question the ‘Holocaust’? You leave me alone I leave you alone, no problem, this is the way it’s always been, but why do people want to jail people for asking questions, are they the wrong questions, if so what are the right ones? From life, I simply want truth!

At school I was told ‘we won the war’, we beat those nasty Germans, this narrative never changed, as I got older I found out that ‘we didn’t win the war’, the Yanks did and they were only here 5 minutes. With the advent of Internet, a whole host of information arises and with it, the truth! The Russians we have been led to believe, are baddies, but it was they that defeated Hitler, it was they who liberated Austwichz, [in Poland] losing some 25m soldiers, they didn’t report any ‘gas chambers’? They didn’t reveal a ‘heap’ of bodies, either, but NO-ONE questions this? The bodies were [planted] ‘discovered’ by American soldiers we are told, but how long after Russians were there? Our media don’t help, as they are owned by the same corporations, who drive the narrative! You will only know what they want you to, unless you look elsewhere, and people are lazy, so don’t bother, which is why it’s simple to believe what you’re told, rather than question.

In 1905 millions of Jews fled the Communist Revolution in Russia, they spilled over into neighbouring countries, especially Poland and Germany, where they were welcomed and given jobs. It was at this time the Zionist press went to work in USA, begging for money for the ‘6 million Jews’ who wander aimlessly across Europe, starving and riddled with pestilence – http://www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/?p=66463 – but no-one acknowledges this? After WW1, for which the Germans were falsely accused of starting, the British gave the Zionist Jews what they wanted, Palestine! Here’s a great expose of what actually happened, from someone who was there!
[http://gmmuk.com/benjamin-freedmans-historic-speech-at-the-willard-hotel-washington-dc-in-1961/ ] a ‘Jew’ named Benjamin Freedman.
Back in 2012 a German lawyer produced ‘evidence’ against the Holocaust and was jailed for 3 and a half years, she was released in November 2014 and jailed again for a further 18 months in February for repeating them. [http://www.thelocal.de/20150225/ex-lawyer-jailed-again-for-holocaust-denial ]
Another German woman [86 years old] also produced proof just last week 10/6/2015 on German TV, later her home was ransacked and she was placed in jail, – [ http://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2015/06/breaking-86-year-old-woman-raided-and-ransacked-for-saying-holocaust-is-the-biggest-and-most-persistent-lie-in-history-on-german-tv-who-are-the-real-nazis-3166460.html ] – what is it they don’t want us to find out?

Leaving the Holocaust, back in September 2001, a tragic event in the USA, had everyone asking questions. It has since came to light that the US government actually committed this atrocity, Edward Snowden, who fled the country after releasing ‘sensitive information, had his passport cancelled mid flight from China to Latin America, when his plane landed in Russia he had to be detained, he has since released vital information, vital to the public! He has exposed the US for what they really are, a power mad hungry nation, ran by Zionist Corporations. These pictures [previously not shown] [ http://stateofthenation2012.com/?p=7858 ] expose the whole scam, to create a situation that will increase government control over the population and bring in legislation they would never have been allowed to.
In the UK back in 2005, we had a similar scam perpetrated upon us, the 7/7 bombings, for which we were told was committed by 4 Muslims, just like 9/11, the government [or should that read Zionist] narrative was to have a Religious war, Christians v Muslims, it also helped the British government bring out anti-democratic laws, laws they would never get through Parliament otherwise. This was even more compounded by David Cameron’s post election speech [2015] were he promised to jail 7/7 Truth seekers and Conspiracy Theorists, why, what are they hiding? [http://youtu.be/R7PQG5weeHk ] there are some excellent questions, along with evidence in this video and in the revised version [v2] there’s added evidence from a ‘missing girl’ and two ex-policemen, who incidentally, the CPS wont investigate?

This brings me up to date, well nearly, we have had ‘Climate Change’ rammed down our throats for the best part of 25 years, this scam was written by Maurice Strong, a friend of Ex VP Al Gore, who also wrote the UN’s Agenda 21, Strong, like Gore is a ‘Club of Rome member, who are fiercely for One World Government, which is the whole idea of these scams all along, just as TPP-TTIP-EU is the NWO next move, for anyone educated enough to read the ‘Lisbon Treaty’ would be able to see, as all this > [ https://rollo57.wordpress.com/2015/06/16/we-could-be-to-late/ ] is laid out in it, and other EU documentation.

This is why UKIP and Farage are ridiculed and now Labour have a man who also opposes, they start a smear campaign on him, Jeremy Corbyn is the only Labour MP who has come out and attacked everything they stand for.
Jews have been blamed for the ‘crimes’ of the Zionists, just as Muslims have been blamed for the ‘crimes’ of ISIS, another US / Zionist creation! [http://www.shoah.org.uk/2015/06/02/isis-endgame-how-and-why-the-cia-in-switzerland-created-isis/ ] – created to perpetuate their pressure on China taking over their hegemony as reserve currency, the real reason for going into Iraq and murdering Saddam Hussein and Libya & Gaddafi, to stop them selling oil in anything but ‘dollars’! Finally, some more truths from Ukraine; [http://www.globalresearch.ca/ukraine-and-the-apocalyptic-risk-of-propagandized-ignorance/5456039]

1- ‘Chastise’- to Accuse of being ‘Racist’, Fascist, Xenophobic, Islamophobic, without any proof, rather than debate.
2. Anti-Semitic – is hatred of Arabs, Jews aren’t Arabs, in fact they detest?
3. Liberation – http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4620026,00.html
4. The mentioned German woman – In this video, she mentions a document that has been on show to public for a short time, previously unseen. The document contains all records of the ‘work’ camp.
5. bit.ly/XmzYKM The Climate change body are fighting to keep this from going to court?
6. Agenda 21 – ISBN number 978-92-1-100509-7 A truly evil document; http://youtu.be/TzEEgtOFFlM

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We could be to late!

A post by Daniel Dinwiddie , [from the Daily Express 16/6/2015]

If a Sovereign Nation State no longer controls its own Economy, Defence, Justice System and Home Affairs, can it truly be called a `Sovereign Nation State` any longer ? The answer is quite simply NO!
The Political and Financial Elite of Europe have been working towards this moment since the end of World War Two. In every member state, the personalities might differ, but the rhetoric is always the same; “No Loss Of Sovereignty, good for the people, good for the economy and so on.”!
This sixth and final part of the ‘LisbonTreaty‘ is the `death knell` for the sovereignty of the member states of the EU. Do not be mistaken about this, and no matter what your `elected` leaders are telling you to the contrary, this is it. This is the culmination of years of plotting, deception and conspiring against the people of Europe.

Our National Parliaments will become redundant as all power that still remains will transfer to Brussels. It will mean the formal end of those Historic Nations of Europe who are member states of the EU. National Embassies around the world will come under the auspices of EU bureaucrats. The ancient counties and provinces will be merged and combined into `EU Administrative Regions`. The `devolved` parliaments of Scotland and Wales, to be soon joined by the eradication of `England` and the setting up of similar regional assemblies there). [As of 1/1/2020]
The EU will take ownership of Police, Military, Nuclear Weapons, Currency Reserves and North Sea Oil as outlined in the Treaty document. Serving members of our Police and Armed Forces will be required to take an oath of loyalty to the EU. Refusal will result in dismissal. The EU will have complete control of all military matters, equipment and facilities. [This is why Cameron said “I shan’t seek a third Term”] He knew there wouldn’t be one!

Political parties will be abolished, phased out or realigned. Only Pan European parties will be allowed. Independence parties will effectively be outlawed as under the 1999 ruling of the European Court Of Justice (case 274/99), ‘it is illegal to criticize the EU. News from Brussels indicates that plans are afoot already to eliminate any `Euro-sceptic groups’ within the EU Parliament. The EU will have the legal right to close National Parliaments and Assemblies.
Many people will be made unemployed as the EU rule of `retraining` at a citizens own expense becomes universal (including the purchase of a Certificate confirming said retraining). Hundreds of thousands of small businesses will be forced to close due to the enforcement of endless numbers of impracticable and unworkable EU regulations.

Around 107,000 EU laws will criminalise many, as adherence to this amount of legislation is impossible. We will be subject to frequent fines and even arrest as a result of what will be our inevitable ignorance. Take the following as examples: From January 2006, it became illegal to repair your own domestic plumbing, electrics or even your own car. If you buy a boat over six feet long, built after 1999, you will be required to pay the equivalent in Euros of £4000, or face six months in prison. As the EU `Police State` flexes its muscles ever more, each of us will live under the fear and threat of arrest or prosecution for any one of a myriad of offences, even minor ones.
The Large Corporations will do well of course, utilising massive immigration from within and without the EU, paying minimum wages to immigrants at the expense of the indigenous population, thus forcing salaries downwards. Furthermore, these Corporations will have a near Monopoly on employment (along with Government), and will be able to dictate conditions and terms of employment without fear of contradiction.

Top Government Jobs and the inevitable corruption which will accompany this monopoly, will create a new `Class Divide` ensuring the rich and their `fellow travelers` get richer, whilst the majority decline into poverty. Taxes will increase in order to pay for the massive growth in bureaucracy.
There will be no `redress of grievance` through local `democratic` channels because there won’t be any local democracy. Or any democracy at all for that matter. The `EU Administrative Regional Governments` will be unelected (See the EU Regionalisation plan on the EU Website). Our only vote will be to the powerless EU Parliament. We will be ruled by the unelected EU Commissioners, who have no `accountability to the people` at any level.
If we demonstrate or protest, we can be seized and relocated to another EU Region. The EU Arrest Warrant and the various legislation introduced across the EU since 9/11 will give the Authorities absolute power over us. The shootings of innocents `Philip Prout` and `Jean Charles de Menezes` were entirely legal under EU Law. The intimidation and growing `Anti Muslim` vitriol across the EU is becoming reminiscent of the treatment of Jews in pre-war Germany. A Federal European State will become a very unpleasant place to be.
Following Federalisation, Europe could collapse under the weight of its own Bureaucracy and Corruption. There will be so little production, that no amount of taxation will be able to support the vast, inept, corrupt and wasteful government machinery. Many will be reduced to poverty on the brink of starvation. The complete lack of any `checks and balances` will leave the door open for any would be dictatorship.

The EU as monstrous as it is, is nothing more than a `stepping stone` to `One World Government`[TTIP]. Before you dismiss this article as `Scare Mongering` or `Conspiracy Theory’, find out how many of your own country’s leading politicians are members of such `Secret Organisations` as the Bilderbergers, Trilateral Commission, Club Of Rome, and the Royal Institute For International Affairs.
Each and every one of the above are totally dedicated to a `One World` Government and see a Federal Europe as a necessary evolution towards that goal. Their memberships read like a who’s who of the planet’s power players. To find out which of your elected representatives are members of any of the above groups, just type in the organisation’s name on any recognised search engine. Then sit back and prepare to be shocked.
We live in an age where people seem to have abdicated all responsibility for their own lives to Government. This has been going on since the end of World War Two, but has accelerated markedly since the 1980’s. This `social irresponsibility` led us to Lisbon on 13th December 2007, where our so called leaders signed away our ancient rights and freedoms in the name of their `great plan`. If we sit back and do nothing, the rest of our lives will become a nightmare of our own making, because in the final analysis, it is we who will have handed over our rights and liberties into the hands of `wolves.`

It’s time to start writing to your `elected` representatives, time to find the time to research what the EU `Beast` is really about. It’s time to switch off the TV and pick up a book about the EU, or check out the many Internet sites relating to this Totalitarian `Super-State in the making.`

Do something, speak to your friends, neighbours, family; just do something before it is too late.

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Between the State of the City of London and the Crown*

A few facts to digest!

Hwaairfan's Blog

Between the State of the City of London and the Crown*

By Julian Websdale

World politics today is governed by the Vatican, but also by the Crown Empire. The modern world of so-called Western Civilization began at the end of the 17th century with the blossoming of the British Empire. That empire actually began several hundred years earlier with the establishment of the City of London, which is now an 800-year corporation that controls finance from an entity called ‘The Crown’. This entity is the creator and controller of the Bank of England, the US Federal Reserve, the World Bank (IMF – International Monetary Fund), The European Union, and various cartels and corporations across the earth.

The Crown Identity is kept most secret, and The Crown Bank of England took and assumed control of the United States during the Roosevelt Administration (1901-1909) when its agents, who were really Crown…

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What’s really going on!

We have Police & Councillors covering up crimes against young Girls, 1400 in Rotherham alone, last month Jack Straw [Labour], who has previously issued a gagging order, to stop abused children from complaining,
[ https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/jack_straw_placed_gagging_order ]
was caught along with Malcom Rifkind [Tory] in a sting operation, where they were seen accepting money for services, this saw them both leave Parliament for good. But, ever wonder why they went so quietly? Well, it’s come to light that Malcom Rifkind is a co-director with John Chilcot, [he of the Chilcot Report into war on Iraq] and it transpires that they are complicit in ‘stealing’ public finances?
They operated ‘Shell’ Companies from squalid addresses in Finchley North London,
[#’s 420,665,788,790 & 923 Finchley Road]

Gordon Bowden, an ex-RAF Officer, has spent the last 13 years, putting evidence together that categorically lays the blame at the feet of the Government, but which one? On Sunday the 1st March 2015, Gordon took his evidence, [some of it] to Parliament Square and presented it to the BBC. This evidence involves Politicians, Lords and the Monarchy, will it ever see the light of day?
[ https://youtu.be/nGBBQeJVBFU ]
[ http://atrueindependentscotland.com/bbc-handed-explosive-evidence-of-massive-corruption-that-is-set-topple-the-british-establishment/ ]
Ever wonder why HSBC were never investigated by UK, but were by every other Western nation?
This video also raises questions regarding Dr David Kelly, Sir Ken Warren and David Cameron, who were dispatched by Margaret Thatcher in 1989, to buy, ‘Nuclear Weapons’ from South Africa at the end of the Apartheid regime. This is another issue that should be related to in Chilcot Report and probably another reason it’s late?
[https://youtu.be/M7BQNg1Fqus ]

Meanwhile back in Ukraine, USA soldiers have landed in an ‘exercise’ to train up Ukrainian troops (?) They will be backed next month with 200 from Canada and 75 from UK? At the same time we have Fed Res, moving offices from New York, to Chicago? They say they’re fearing another freak weather storm, similar to that which hit Manhattan two years ago!
In recent days, we have learned that the New York Fed is moving a lot of operations to Chicago because of concerns about what a “natural disaster” could do, the federal government is buying 62 million rounds of ammunition commonly used in AR-15 semi-automatic rifles for “training” purposes, and NORAD is moving back into Cheyenne Mountain because it is “EMP-hardened”. In addition, government authorities have scheduled a whole host of unusual “training exercises” all over the nation. So are the elite doing all of this in order to prepare for something really BIG, or should we just chalk up all of this strange activity to rampant government paranoia?
[ http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-04-16/signs-elites-are-feverishly-preparing-something-big ]
Spending 700 million dollars to move back inside a mountain just because it is “EMP-hardened” is a pretty big deal.

Do they know something that we don’t?

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The Future…… [What’s in it for us?]

“In the United Kingdom, an opt-out from the treaty’s social provisions was opposed in Parliament by the opposition Labour and Liberal Democrat MPs and the treaty itself by the Maastricht Rebels within the governing Conservative Party. The number of rebels exceeded the Conservative majority in the House of Commons, and thus the government of John Major came close to losing the confidence of the House. The electorate of the United Kingdom was never given the opportunity to vote directly on the changes brought in by the treaty.”

Jean Monnet quote

Ever stopped and wondered where we’ll be in say…Oh, 10 years time? I did!… It’s scary, successive government have kept us…in the dark and confused, by constantly changing laws and rules. We don’t know if they are for us or against us, Christian, or Muslim? They have created conflict between different bodies; black & white, rich & poor, employed & unemployed, healthy & sick, fit & disabled. All the time they are doing this, in the background, the Corporations are planning how to take us over? I’m all for ‘Diversity’ but shouldn’t we make sure they are qualified first?

Labour want to give black people top jobs, whether they have the qualifications or not? [Umunna MP, Khan MP & Javid MP] to ‘speed up the process’! Look at the mess the countries in, because we let inexperienced people; Blair, Brown, Balls, Cameron, Osborne, Hague, IDS, Clegg, Cable & Alexander,… run it?

“Since the end of the First World War, the following agreements have been signed in the Britain and Ireland and Irish region:
The British-Irish Council was created by the Belfast Agreement in 1998 to “promote the harmonious and mutually beneficial development of the totality of relationships among the peoples of these islands”. It was formally established on 2 December 1999. Its membership comprises Ireland, the United Kingdom, three of the constituent countries of the UK (Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales), and three British Crown dependencies (Guernsey, the Isle of Man and Jersey). Because England does not have a devolved government, it is not represented on the Council as a separate entity.” [courtesy Wikipedia]

The EU are debating the TTIP, it’s a policy that, they say, is about ‘trade’, but in reality it’s a power grab. On 31st March 2017, the UK becomes a complete member of the EU. On this date we lose the right to use Article 50 and we can no longer Repeal European Communities Act 1972?  http://t.co/1HhnvYsoyU  In effect they are making it harder for us to leave, as they give Corporations more control of our rights? We lose all Sovereign and Democratic rights, so why do people still believe we will still have ‘workers’ rights? When were they going to tell us any of this? They haven’t even told us WHEN we will be totally taken over, I found this out by reading the ‘new’ rules on QMV!

“When the Council of Ministers is acting neither on a proposal of the Commission nor on one of the High Representative, QMV will require 72% of the member stateswhile the population requirement remains the same 65% of EU. However, the “blocking minority” that corresponds to these figures must comprise at least 4 countries. Hence, the voting powers of the member states are based on their population, and are no longer dependent on a negotiable system of voting points.”

Which is why the BBC said at the weekend, we wouldn’t meet QMV requirements in a Referendum?

Trade has been in managed decline since 1975, the Corporations [Zionists] have been off-shoring their work to the Far East since the early 80’s. This is the main reason for the lack of work today.  http://www.globalresearch.ca/the-2015-british-general-election-capitalisms-one-horse-race/5442040  Under the TTIP and the rest of the alphabet; CETA, TPPA, TTFA, NAFTA, TISA, all the western world [Zionist] are united under the Corporations, they control where the work goes, what price it sells at and wage rates…… scary eh? In effect we become slaves, which is why EU insist on ‘Free Movement’ or should that read ‘Cheap Labour’?
Our Economy relies on ‘Financial Services’, only a small portion, 10% of GDP [7.5% last year] is trade and just 20% of that is with the EU? Last year trade in ‘goods’ was £119.9bn in deficit, with ‘services’ we pulled it back to minus £34.8bn, yet they want to sell ‘Public Service rights’ in TTIP? We haven’t made a profit for 32 years and only in one year, since we joined EEC? To the Zionists, it’s all about power & control, under the TTIP we become one huge United Corporate States of Europe, those Countries not signed up, [BRICS] who the US are presently fighting against, will eventually be forced in by either; currency war [Russia, Venezuela] or by price war [Oil].

In 2020, now we are firmly established EU members and the TTIP has been ratified, we become Regions. We are divided into 12 areas, two already exist [UKI & UKM] each with its own ‘selected’ governance. The Middle East, where the US have been waging war in pursuit of their continued hegemony, will no doubt play some kind of role in this, as the US backed by EU and UK push for Oil & Gas dominance and Israel grows, which is the main aim of the Zions! They are looking for a bigger plot of land for Israel, perhaps their original home in the South-East of Ukraine? Is this the reason for wanting war with Russia?

Original Jews!


Regional UKThis is why MP’s are so eager to stay in the EU, they’re looking for a ‘Governors’ job, as they aren’t elected by the people, they are ‘selected’ by their bosses in Brussels? This is why Cameron has said “I won’t stand for a third term”! Because Parliament as we know it, won’t exist! I found this out when looking into why they want to spend money on Parliament, the job that the speaker has recently been in hot water for, entails ensuring Parliament is maintained to ‘good working order’, it’s just another means of taking money from the Public Purse!

Physical Regions of EU

After we are ‘Regionalised’ the whole of Europe is divided into specific areas. Physical Regions of Europe!
Can you see how it works yet? We have 650 MP’s and thousands of ‘Councillors’, not all will be required. They’ll probably use One / Two MP’s per UK Region and a couple of Councillors, then the various Physical Regions will have a separate Governor. A lot of MP’s and Councillors will be surplus to requirements!

The Lisbon Treaty

The Treaty for the first time gave member states the explicit legal right to leave the EU, and a procedure to do so.
The stated aim of the treaty was “to complete the process started by the Treaty of Amsterdam [1997] and by the Treaty of Nice [2001] with a view to enhancing the efficiency and democratic legitimacy of the Union and to improving the coherence of its action.” Opponents of the Treaty of Lisbon, such as former Danish Member of the European Parliament (MEP) Jens-Peter Bonde, argued that it would centralize the EU, and weaken democracy by ‘moving power away’ from national electorates. Supporters argue that it brings in more checks and balances into the EU system, with stronger powers for the European Parliament and a new role for national parliaments.

Negotiations to modify EU institutions began in 2001, resulting first in the Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe, which would have repealed the existing European treaties and replaced them with a “constitution”. Although ratified by a majority of Member States, this was abandoned after being rejected by 54.67% of French voters on 29 May 2005 and then by 61.54% of Dutch voters on 1 June 2005. After a “period of reflection”, Member States agreed instead to maintain the existing treaties, but to amend them, salvaging a number of the reforms that had been envisaged in the constitution. An amending “reform” treaty was drawn up and signed in Lisbon in 2007. It was originally intended to have been ratified by all member states by the end of 2008. This timetable failed, primarily due to the initial rejection of the Treaty in 2008 by the Irish electorate, a decision which was reversed in a second referendum in 2009 after Ireland secured a number of concessions related to the treaty.

The Constitution, having been agreed by heads of government from the 25 Member States, was signed at a ceremony in Rome on 29 October 2004. Before it could enter into force, however, it had to be ratified by each member state. Ratification took different forms in each country, depending on the traditions, constitutional arrangements, and political processes of each country. In 2005, referendums held in France and the Netherlands rejected the European Constitution. While the majority of the Member States already had ratified the European Constitution (mostly through parliamentary ratification, although Spain and Luxembourg held referendums), due to the requirement of unanimity to amend the treaties of the EU, it became clear that it could not enter into force. This led to a “period of reflection” and the political end of the proposed European Constitution.

In 2007, Germany took over the rotating EU Presidency and declared the period of reflection over. By March, the 50th anniversary of the Treaties of Rome, the Berlin Declaration was adopted by all Member States. This declaration outlined the intention of all Member States to agree on a new treaty in time for the 2009 Parliamentary elections, that is to have a ratified treaty before mid-2009.
Already before the Berlin Declaration, the Amato Group (officially the Action Committee for European Democracy, ACED) – a group of European politicians, backed by the Barroso Commission with two representatives in the group – worked unofficially on rewriting the Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe (EU Constitution). On 4 June 2007, the group released their text in French – cut from 63,000 words in 448 articles in the Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe to 12,800 words in 70 articles. In the Berlin Declaration, the EU leaders unofficially set a new timeline for the new treaty:
• 21–23 June 2007: European Council meeting in Brussels, mandate for Intergovernmental Conference (IGC)
• 23 July 2007: IGC in Lisbon, text of Reform Treaty
• 7–8 September 2007: Foreign Ministers’ meeting
• 18–19 October 2007: European Council in Lisbon, final agreement on Reform Treaty
• 13 December 2007: Signing in Lisbon
• 1 January 2009: Intended date of entry into force

I don’t recall being made aware of any of this, by the media?
Art. 16(4)
TEU: in principle as of 1 November 2014.
Art. 16(5)
TEU: transitional periods until 31 October 2014 and from 1 November 2014 to 31 March 2017.
Transitional period 1 (until 31 October 2014): present system, based on the weighting of votes (see Chart5/3),
Art. 3(3) and (4) of the Protocol on transitional provisions to be annexed to the Treaties.
Transitional period 2 (from 1 November 2014 to 31 March 2017) This is the date UK becomes fully integrated into EU!

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The Bankers Coup

Here we are, Easter week-end, UK 2015 and so much mayhem in the world? From the outset, it appears that Russia are causing havoc in Ukraine and the Arabs are up in arms in the Middle-East, but everything isn’t quite what it seems. We had the great ‘crash’ of 2008 and the world was getting back to normality? Obama had just been installed as US President for his first term, but it wasn’t quite working out in EU, UK were pulling out of recession, then they had an Election, in 2010.

Enter Cameron & Osborne backed by Nick Cleggs Lib-Dems. Austerity had been implemented across the US and EU, now it was the UK’s time, what’s the idea of all this austerity? In essence, it places Private debt in Public hands, QE [Public Money] is used to buy ‘Assets’ from Commercial banks [Property, Businesses, that had defaulted]. Central banks started their attempt to save the system with QE [Quantitative Easing] people were led to believe this would drive up business, create jobs and grow the economies.


Back to today, we are into QE3, since 2010, over 70 top Bankers have ‘allegedly’ committed suicide?  [  http://www.valuewalk.com/2015/01/bankers-suicide-conspiracy/ ] Now the odd one or two is strange, but 72? Lets try and figure it out. Back in 2001 Greece wanted to join the Euro, to do so meant they had to meet certain ‘Financial’ criteria, for this end they employed Goldman Sachs. [ http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-17108367 ] Now Greece teeters on the brink of bankruptcy again, just as it did in 2010?

In 2010 USA re-started it’s Colours Regime Change in the Middle East, [ http://t.co/dwkIKsEITC ] this moved to Hong Kong then Ukraine, this regime change was being driven by Bankers, US / EU / UK central bankers had a plan and those poor soles had figured it out? The plan was simple, [  http://www.veteranstoday.com/2015/03/08/the-hidden-history-of-the-incredibly-evil-khazarian-mafia/ ] because they had ‘over-stretched’ and the World Economy was in the toilet, the 6 main banks of US alone, hold between them some $700,000,000,000,000 [$700 trillion, US National debt stands @ $18 trillion] worth of Derivatives, that are about to become ‘worthless’? They need to create mayhem world wide, to hide a crash behind, they then rise again like the Phoenix, but in a Totalitarian One World Order. US has always looked harshly upon any Nation that refuses to use the ‘Petrodollar’ as currency, back in 2001, after Desert Storm, Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein asked UN if he could sell his Oil in ‘Euro’s, in 2012 they agreed under the ‘Food for Aid’ program, 12 months later US went in under the ‘flimsy’ guise of WMD [Weapons of Mass Destruction]. They murdered Saddam and placed the Oil back on the market in ‘dollars’, they did exactly the same to Libya’s Gaddafi, who had advertised his Oil for sale in ‘Gold-Dinar’ only, the gold for these coins has yet to be found?

To expand their NWO, they needed to capture and control all of the Oil & Gas resources in the world. US wanted to build a pipe-line, from Qatar to Syria, to combat Russia’s ‘South Stream’ project, due to be built in 2015, but Assad wouldn’t let them. [ http://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2014/11/war-is-coming-central-bankers-create-plans-to-remove-assad-3060758.html ] US then employed their Regime Change tactic and had Syrian people gassed with Chemicals, blaming Assad, they approached UK for permission to bomb Syria, but the people of UK said NO! ISIS sprang up, [  http://pontiactribune.com/how-was-isis-created/ ] this group then ran riot across the ME, they still are. All the time this is going on, China overtake America, as the Worlds largest Economy 3 years earlier than predicted. They along with Russia, Brazil, India and South Africa had formed a rival monetary system to that of the World Bank, ran by US, BRICS.

Dollar ona roll

In 2014 they invaded Ukraine and, through their control of western media, blamed Putin and the Russians. [ http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/headlines/2014/11/russian-tanks-in-ukraine-but-us-wont-say-invasion/ ] They shot down an Airplane [MH17], blamed the Russians? Despite not using the term ‘Invade’ and one of the main instigators, admitting his liability; [ http://beforeitsnews.com/international/2014/05/soros-admits-responsibility-for-coup-and-mass-murder-in-ukraine-2481480.html  ] the US continue to blame Russia. As things stand, Ukraine economy is in the toilet, America expected to ‘bankrupt’ their [Ukraine] debts to Russia, but found Putin had ‘Internationalised’ the debt. Putin had to be repaid, they expected to gain Ukraine for nothing and have Russia pay for it, but as it is, the ‘rebels’ opposing the American backed Nazi’s in Kiev, have managed to keep them at bay. All attempts to push Russia into war have hit a ‘brick-wall’, the propaganda has failed, even Obama admitted it was US; [ http://www.globalresearch.ca/washington-was-behind-ukraine-coup-obama-admits-that-us-brokered-a-deal-in-support-of-regime-change/5429142 ]

How has all this been possible, well our Politicians have been ‘coerced’, at present there’s a ‘inquiry’ going on into a VIP Paedophile ring in UK Politics. [ https://thecolemanexperience.wordpress.com/2014/11/29/the-mysterious-death-of-mike-smith/ ] [ http://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2014/12/british-vip-paedophile-ring-has-ties-to-monarchy-3080416.html  ] They had one in the States some years ago [  http://franklinscandal.com/ ] but, I don’t think they got to the bottom of it [no pun intended].

New Currency

It seems like their plot has failed [hopefully] as China’s rival to World Bank & IMF is now up and running, the AIIB, much to the chagrin of the USA. A collapse now is still on the cards, when is up to the bankers, but they wont be able to rise under their NWO banner. The French are now limiting the amount of ‘cash’ that can be withdrawn at any one time and a maximum monthly amount? [ http://www.blacklistednews.com/France_Limits_Cash_Transactions_to_%E2%82%AC1%2C000%2C_Puts_Restrictions_on_Gold%3B_Bitcoin_End_Coming%3F/42770/0/38/38/Y/M.html ]

We may also be catching up with Public sentiment. In Iceland they have just jailed 5 bankers for fraud. At the same time Egypt, have executed a Rothschild banker for embezzlement and issued arrest warrants for Obama and Hilary Clinton, for Criminal Conspiracy with Muslim Brotherhood? [ http://politicalvelcraft.org/2013/10/18/rothschild-too-big-to-jail-russia-iceland-iran-china-hungary-say-no/ ]

Links courtesy of respected authors;

Further reading; [  http://politicalvelcraft.org/2015/04/08/russian-turkish-oil-stream-will-make-greece-europes-energy-hub-aiib-there-also-turning-the-tables-on-nwo-e-u-austerity-debt-scheme/  ] [ http://www.neonnettle.com/sphere/279-74-nasa-scientists-been-killed-in-the-last-two-years-what-s-going-on-  ]  [ http://collectivelyconscious.net/videos/financial-911-following-the-money-trail-deeper-down-the-rabbit-hole/ ]  [ http://www.activistpost.com/2015/03/us-terrorists-working-hard-to-start.html ]  [ http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/investing/funds/11445631/Lord-Rothschild-Investors-face-a-geopolitical-situation-as-dangerous-as-any-since-WW2.html ]

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UK Trade [Are you better off?]

UK GDP PPP, that’s how we measure our wealth, back in 1991 it was $31112.78 [£20,853.07 at today’s valuation $1= £0.67] Today it stands @ $35013.27, [£23,467.34] think this is good? Have a look, http://www.tradingeconomics.com/united-kingdom/indicators

In 2007 it was $37112.75 [£24,874.50] Per Head? In 1991 $31,112.78 would be worth $54,601.30 today or [£36,596.05]? $37112.75 in 2007, would be worth $43,183.93 [£28,943.69] today? This is the true devaluation of our GDP! Just on £6,000 per head?


Why don’t the parties tell us about this? Notice the big slump came in 2010, is this when Tories changed to ‘austerity? In 1997 our trade was 28% of GDP, today it stands @ just 7.5% of GDP? Since we joined the EEC [EU] our trade has been in managed decline, with a squeeze on more and more borrowing. This is because most of our manufacturing has been ‘off-shored’ and to maintain GDP, Government have had to rely on people borrowing, this is why wages are suppressed. Lot of Red here?

All trade figures

Did anyone hear these figures bandied about? Did they tell us that the bulk of our GDP is ‘Consumer Debt‘? All £1,286bn of it and another 4% [£170bn] is ‘unsecured’ Debt? As you can see, our trade isn’t too hot? We are in the toilet, along with Greece, Spain, Italy and France. TTIP will only make it worse, as they’ve [corporations] forced the issue, they now want us to hand over all our Public Service rights, this will give all government spending and jobs, to Corporations?
If you understand how money is created, you’ll understand how it works. Money is created, every time someone takes out a loan! The more loans they create, the better our GDP looks. This is why this government have the record for least homes built, since records began [1920]. The last Labour government were no better, they managed to build just 320,000 in their last 10 years? A short sharp shock was needed and this Tory led coalition gave it, they upped student debt to £9,000 a term, adding millions to GDP, they then introduced Help-to-Buy, whereby the ‘taxpayer’ guarantees the deposit, leaving people to be able to now afford the ‘Stamp Duty‘, this created a surge in GDP, allowing millions of people to cross our borders, with nowhere to live, increased the value of the stock, [bubble] especially around London and South East. One of their last moves, before closing Parliament, was to push new Right-to-Buy rules, this helps people in Social housing, to buy their home. Part of EU legislation is; No property / business will be owned by the Public. This is why they are selling off our Public Service rights, these Services made us £85.3bn last year, pulling our Trade from minus £119.9bn to a ‘healthy’ looking minus £34.8bn? The year before they were £64bn, how much are they selling them for, and why?

What we need, is Corporations to bring back the work, forced if need be, we need homes to settle to realistic prices, we need a living wage, for everyone! Far too much emphasis is placed on ‘Profit‘, profit these corporations siphon off-shore, the whole world needs a new Financial System, as the US$ ceases to be ‘Reserve Currency’ of the World. Something else you haven’t seen in the press? The ‘Dollar’ is crashing and we are in for a rough ride, the Chinese Riminbi has taken over as World currency. This is why USA were ‘advising’ her allies not to join the Chinese ran AIIB, too late, only USA and Japan left to sign up?

New Currency
We also need to ‘shrink’ the Corporate, did you know, that just 147 Corporations run everything that goes on in the world? Just 6 companies own 96% of Western media? This is far too much control in too few hands!
Latest figures show we have 51.7m people over 16 of working taxable age, from these 30.9m are Employed, 1.9m are unemployed, we also have 19.1m Economically In-Active, this is a similar number to those we have in Full Time Employment [19.3m]? That’s 19.1m who have no record of Income or Bank A/C? 1.7M OF THESE ARE OVER 65?
http://www.ons.gov.uk/ons/index.html  – All Information can be found here!

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