The Economics of it all!

Do you know what GDP is and how money is created? GDP – Gross Domestic Product, is the income that the nation makes, from trade, buying and selling goods and borrowing!

The Deficit is the difference in what we ‘Earn’ and what we ‘Spend’. Money is created by banks, every time a loan is made, this is then added to the GDP. Government borrowing and spending is included? Back in 2008 the banks over-reached and lent to much, so they crashed the markets to bring it under control. We the taxpayers, had to bail some out, it cost us a great deal of money borrowed from our future. In their endeavor to stop this happening again, the G20 came up with the idea of ‘Bail-Ins’, this is a situation whereby a bank uses what they have on ‘deposit’ and uses it to pay ‘creditors’, in the event of another crash!

G7 Growth

Back in May the EU issued a directive, warning to all banks, to ensure they had adopted all ‘Bail-In rules.  this can only mean one thing, there’s another crash coming! The Greeks, in their fight with EU, have just signed away all Home owners rights, basically sold their people out! This will be imposed on all nations, under the Zionist rule, [US, Canada, UK, EU, NZ Australia,] basically the TTIP-TPP Nations. Because this is their next move towards One World Government.

Greek  UK tradeAbove is a copy of current trade of both UK & Greece, note that Greece is in a better position, bearing in mind they only have a population of 10.8m?

GDP in the UK is currently £1.9tn, of this £1.3tn is ‘Consumer Debt’ – that’s Mortgages and Credit cards, as well as other loans and spending, just 7% is Trade, down from 28% of GDP back in 1997! In the UK we have 19 million classed Economically In-Active [can’t get a loan] because of this we; 1. Need to bring in mass Immigration [new borrowers] 2. Advertise UK jobs in the EU, [No point giving a person a low paid job, if they can’t get a loan] This is because Corporations now control everything, the majority of manufacturing was sent over-seas, for bigger profits, leaving just ‘service jobs’, paying little wages, but attracting ‘tax-credits’! This is how Corporations want everyone to work, hence the move to break-up the Welfare Bill.

Latest TradeOur only answer, is leave the EU and go trade with nations they don’t let us. Why are there no BRICS nations in the TTIP? Because BRICS are against the NWO, One World Government, Putin has spoken of this many times, this is why the AIIB has been set up, in direct opposition to World Bank, which is controlled by USA along with IMF! Then we should break up Corporations and promote SME’s, just 147 Corporations now control everything world wide? In October the IMF will make Chinese Remnimbi the World Reserve Currency,  this will cause panic in US and hurt a lot of countries, as the US Dollar collapses. My advice, buy gold or silver, whose prices are being driven down at present, expecting the inevitable leap!


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  1. Anne says:

    All too late.

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