What are they hiding?

So, you think you’re well educated or at least of average IQ, why then do we not question events, but accept the ‘official’ narrative? Why do we chastise people who ‘do’ question the ‘official’ narrative? I keep myself to myself, I don’t have any views on Religion [Atheist], I certainly don’t push my views on others, yet I’m told I’m being Anti-Semitic if I question the ‘Holocaust’? You leave me alone I leave you alone, no problem, this is the way it’s always been, but why do people want to jail people for asking questions, are they the wrong questions, if so what are the right ones? From life, I simply want truth!

At school I was told ‘we won the war’, we beat those nasty Germans, this narrative never changed, as I got older I found out that ‘we didn’t win the war’, the Yanks did and they were only here 5 minutes. With the advent of Internet, a whole host of information arises and with it, the truth! The Russians we have been led to believe, are baddies, but it was they that defeated Hitler, it was they who liberated Austwichz, [in Poland] losing some 25m soldiers, they didn’t report any ‘gas chambers’? They didn’t reveal a ‘heap’ of bodies, either, but NO-ONE questions this? The bodies were [planted] ‘discovered’ by American soldiers we are told, but how long after Russians were there? Our media don’t help, as they are owned by the same corporations, who drive the narrative! You will only know what they want you to, unless you look elsewhere, and people are lazy, so don’t bother, which is why it’s simple to believe what you’re told, rather than question.

In 1905 millions of Jews fled the Communist Revolution in Russia, they spilled over into neighbouring countries, especially Poland and Germany, where they were welcomed and given jobs. It was at this time the Zionist press went to work in USA, begging for money for the ‘6 million Jews’ who wander aimlessly across Europe, starving and riddled with pestilence – http://www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/?p=66463 – but no-one acknowledges this? After WW1, for which the Germans were falsely accused of starting, the British gave the Zionist Jews what they wanted, Palestine! Here’s a great expose of what actually happened, from someone who was there!
[http://gmmuk.com/benjamin-freedmans-historic-speech-at-the-willard-hotel-washington-dc-in-1961/ ] a ‘Jew’ named Benjamin Freedman.
Back in 2012 a German lawyer produced ‘evidence’ against the Holocaust and was jailed for 3 and a half years, she was released in November 2014 and jailed again for a further 18 months in February for repeating them. [http://www.thelocal.de/20150225/ex-lawyer-jailed-again-for-holocaust-denial ]
Another German woman [86 years old] also produced proof just last week 10/6/2015 on German TV, later her home was ransacked and she was placed in jail, – [ http://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2015/06/breaking-86-year-old-woman-raided-and-ransacked-for-saying-holocaust-is-the-biggest-and-most-persistent-lie-in-history-on-german-tv-who-are-the-real-nazis-3166460.html ] – what is it they don’t want us to find out?

Leaving the Holocaust, back in September 2001, a tragic event in the USA, had everyone asking questions. It has since came to light that the US government actually committed this atrocity, Edward Snowden, who fled the country after releasing ‘sensitive information, had his passport cancelled mid flight from China to Latin America, when his plane landed in Russia he had to be detained, he has since released vital information, vital to the public! He has exposed the US for what they really are, a power mad hungry nation, ran by Zionist Corporations. These pictures [previously not shown] [ http://stateofthenation2012.com/?p=7858 ] expose the whole scam, to create a situation that will increase government control over the population and bring in legislation they would never have been allowed to.
In the UK back in 2005, we had a similar scam perpetrated upon us, the 7/7 bombings, for which we were told was committed by 4 Muslims, just like 9/11, the government [or should that read Zionist] narrative was to have a Religious war, Christians v Muslims, it also helped the British government bring out anti-democratic laws, laws they would never get through Parliament otherwise. This was even more compounded by David Cameron’s post election speech [2015] were he promised to jail 7/7 Truth seekers and Conspiracy Theorists, why, what are they hiding? [http://youtu.be/R7PQG5weeHk ] there are some excellent questions, along with evidence in this video and in the revised version [v2] there’s added evidence from a ‘missing girl’ and two ex-policemen, who incidentally, the CPS wont investigate?

This brings me up to date, well nearly, we have had ‘Climate Change’ rammed down our throats for the best part of 25 years, this scam was written by Maurice Strong, a friend of Ex VP Al Gore, who also wrote the UN’s Agenda 21, Strong, like Gore is a ‘Club of Rome member, who are fiercely for One World Government, which is the whole idea of these scams all along, just as TPP-TTIP-EU is the NWO next move, for anyone educated enough to read the ‘Lisbon Treaty’ would be able to see, as all this > [ https://rollo57.wordpress.com/2015/06/16/we-could-be-to-late/ ] is laid out in it, and other EU documentation.

This is why UKIP and Farage are ridiculed and now Labour have a man who also opposes, they start a smear campaign on him, Jeremy Corbyn is the only Labour MP who has come out and attacked everything they stand for.
Jews have been blamed for the ‘crimes’ of the Zionists, just as Muslims have been blamed for the ‘crimes’ of ISIS, another US / Zionist creation! [http://www.shoah.org.uk/2015/06/02/isis-endgame-how-and-why-the-cia-in-switzerland-created-isis/ ] – created to perpetuate their pressure on China taking over their hegemony as reserve currency, the real reason for going into Iraq and murdering Saddam Hussein and Libya & Gaddafi, to stop them selling oil in anything but ‘dollars’! Finally, some more truths from Ukraine; [http://www.globalresearch.ca/ukraine-and-the-apocalyptic-risk-of-propagandized-ignorance/5456039]

1- ‘Chastise’- to Accuse of being ‘Racist’, Fascist, Xenophobic, Islamophobic, without any proof, rather than debate.
2. Anti-Semitic – is hatred of Arabs, Jews aren’t Arabs, in fact they detest?
3. Liberation – http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4620026,00.html
4. The mentioned German woman – In this video, she mentions a document that has been on show to public for a short time, previously unseen. The document contains all records of the ‘work’ camp.
5. bit.ly/XmzYKM The Climate change body are fighting to keep this from going to court?
6. Agenda 21 – ISBN number 978-92-1-100509-7 A truly evil document; http://youtu.be/TzEEgtOFFlM


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2 Responses to What are they hiding?

  1. Anne says:

    Many years ago, when I was just thirteen we children were taken from school in crocodile style, and taken to the Cinema (Eccles, near Manchester where we lived in those days)-which had of course been highly bombed night after night. We thought we were going to see a Disney Film or some-thing like it, but it was indeed to see the opening of the Belsen Concentration Camp, SO THAT WE WOULD NEVER FORGET WHAT MAN DID IN THOSE DAYS TO THEIR FELLOW MAN. I doubt any one of us ever did FORGET! The film of Belsen came round again on internet, and I can assure you IT WAS EXACTLY THE SAME FILM WE CHILDREN SAW ALL THOSE MANY YEARS AGO-I KNOW, FOR I NEVER FORGOT IT AND I NEVER FORGOT WHAT MAN CAN AND DID DO TO THEIR FELLOW MAN. I doubt that could happen these days because children remain children for longer than those 14 year olds in those far off days for I left school the term before my 14th Birthday and started WORK on my 14th Birthday-September.-although I understand they-the management could not get an “card” for me at that time, for apparently I should have remained at school until the next Easter! I started my first job, thirteen weeks before my fourteenth Birthday, however, nothing was said to me at that time because I had no one at “home” to tell me differently or anyone that cared enough to advise me. I question everything, I research Hansard from way back, and perhaps you may have read some of my articles, and yes, I have written down for my family ‘My War’ when we were indeed bombed out.

  2. rollo57 says:

    Anne, don’t misconstrue my piece with denial, I have no doubt atrocities did, but I’m talking here of the ‘figure’ 6 million, particularly at Auschwitz. What I’m trying to find out, is WHY they don’t want people asking questions, yet want to keep the ‘image’ alive, for people to remember? This camp Belsen was actually renowned as a ‘death camp’, before the war was over, but Auschwitz was always a working camp. As that 86 year old German woman proves, [please, watch video] and the lawyer before her, who provided proof that it didn’t ‘happen as they say it did’, and was jailed TWICE?
    Also, ask yourself why would they want to force 14 year old children to watch what they did?

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