The Bankers Coup

Here we are, Easter week-end, UK 2015 and so much mayhem in the world? From the outset, it appears that Russia are causing havoc in Ukraine and the Arabs are up in arms in the Middle-East, but everything isn’t quite what it seems. We had the great ‘crash’ of 2008 and the world was getting back to normality? Obama had just been installed as US President for his first term, but it wasn’t quite working out in EU, UK were pulling out of recession, then they had an Election, in 2010.

Enter Cameron & Osborne backed by Nick Cleggs Lib-Dems. Austerity had been implemented across the US and EU, now it was the UK’s time, what’s the idea of all this austerity? In essence, it places Private debt in Public hands, QE [Public Money] is used to buy ‘Assets’ from Commercial banks [Property, Businesses, that had defaulted]. Central banks started their attempt to save the system with QE [Quantitative Easing] people were led to believe this would drive up business, create jobs and grow the economies.


Back to today, we are into QE3, since 2010, over 70 top Bankers have ‘allegedly’ committed suicide?  [ ] Now the odd one or two is strange, but 72? Lets try and figure it out. Back in 2001 Greece wanted to join the Euro, to do so meant they had to meet certain ‘Financial’ criteria, for this end they employed Goldman Sachs. [ ] Now Greece teeters on the brink of bankruptcy again, just as it did in 2010?

In 2010 USA re-started it’s Colours Regime Change in the Middle East, [ ] this moved to Hong Kong then Ukraine, this regime change was being driven by Bankers, US / EU / UK central bankers had a plan and those poor soles had figured it out? The plan was simple, [ ] because they had ‘over-stretched’ and the World Economy was in the toilet, the 6 main banks of US alone, hold between them some $700,000,000,000,000 [$700 trillion, US National debt stands @ $18 trillion] worth of Derivatives, that are about to become ‘worthless’? They need to create mayhem world wide, to hide a crash behind, they then rise again like the Phoenix, but in a Totalitarian One World Order. US has always looked harshly upon any Nation that refuses to use the ‘Petrodollar’ as currency, back in 2001, after Desert Storm, Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein asked UN if he could sell his Oil in ‘Euro’s, in 2012 they agreed under the ‘Food for Aid’ program, 12 months later US went in under the ‘flimsy’ guise of WMD [Weapons of Mass Destruction]. They murdered Saddam and placed the Oil back on the market in ‘dollars’, they did exactly the same to Libya’s Gaddafi, who had advertised his Oil for sale in ‘Gold-Dinar’ only, the gold for these coins has yet to be found?

To expand their NWO, they needed to capture and control all of the Oil & Gas resources in the world. US wanted to build a pipe-line, from Qatar to Syria, to combat Russia’s ‘South Stream’ project, due to be built in 2015, but Assad wouldn’t let them. [ ] US then employed their Regime Change tactic and had Syrian people gassed with Chemicals, blaming Assad, they approached UK for permission to bomb Syria, but the people of UK said NO! ISIS sprang up, [ ] this group then ran riot across the ME, they still are. All the time this is going on, China overtake America, as the Worlds largest Economy 3 years earlier than predicted. They along with Russia, Brazil, India and South Africa had formed a rival monetary system to that of the World Bank, ran by US, BRICS.

Dollar ona roll

In 2014 they invaded Ukraine and, through their control of western media, blamed Putin and the Russians. [ ] They shot down an Airplane [MH17], blamed the Russians? Despite not using the term ‘Invade’ and one of the main instigators, admitting his liability; [  ] the US continue to blame Russia. As things stand, Ukraine economy is in the toilet, America expected to ‘bankrupt’ their [Ukraine] debts to Russia, but found Putin had ‘Internationalised’ the debt. Putin had to be repaid, they expected to gain Ukraine for nothing and have Russia pay for it, but as it is, the ‘rebels’ opposing the American backed Nazi’s in Kiev, have managed to keep them at bay. All attempts to push Russia into war have hit a ‘brick-wall’, the propaganda has failed, even Obama admitted it was US; [ ]

How has all this been possible, well our Politicians have been ‘coerced’, at present there’s a ‘inquiry’ going on into a VIP Paedophile ring in UK Politics. [ ] [  ] They had one in the States some years ago [ ] but, I don’t think they got to the bottom of it [no pun intended].

New Currency

It seems like their plot has failed [hopefully] as China’s rival to World Bank & IMF is now up and running, the AIIB, much to the chagrin of the USA. A collapse now is still on the cards, when is up to the bankers, but they wont be able to rise under their NWO banner. The French are now limiting the amount of ‘cash’ that can be withdrawn at any one time and a maximum monthly amount? [ ]

We may also be catching up with Public sentiment. In Iceland they have just jailed 5 bankers for fraud. At the same time Egypt, have executed a Rothschild banker for embezzlement and issued arrest warrants for Obama and Hilary Clinton, for Criminal Conspiracy with Muslim Brotherhood? [ ]

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