UK Trade [Are you better off?]

UK GDP PPP, that’s how we measure our wealth, back in 1991 it was $31112.78 [£20,853.07 at today’s valuation $1= £0.67] Today it stands @ $35013.27, [£23,467.34] think this is good? Have a look,

In 2007 it was $37112.75 [£24,874.50] Per Head? In 1991 $31,112.78 would be worth $54,601.30 today or [£36,596.05]? $37112.75 in 2007, would be worth $43,183.93 [£28,943.69] today? This is the true devaluation of our GDP! Just on £6,000 per head?


Why don’t the parties tell us about this? Notice the big slump came in 2010, is this when Tories changed to ‘austerity? In 1997 our trade was 28% of GDP, today it stands @ just 7.5% of GDP? Since we joined the EEC [EU] our trade has been in managed decline, with a squeeze on more and more borrowing. This is because most of our manufacturing has been ‘off-shored’ and to maintain GDP, Government have had to rely on people borrowing, this is why wages are suppressed. Lot of Red here?

All trade figures

Did anyone hear these figures bandied about? Did they tell us that the bulk of our GDP is ‘Consumer Debt‘? All £1,286bn of it and another 4% [£170bn] is ‘unsecured’ Debt? As you can see, our trade isn’t too hot? We are in the toilet, along with Greece, Spain, Italy and France. TTIP will only make it worse, as they’ve [corporations] forced the issue, they now want us to hand over all our Public Service rights, this will give all government spending and jobs, to Corporations?
If you understand how money is created, you’ll understand how it works. Money is created, every time someone takes out a loan! The more loans they create, the better our GDP looks. This is why this government have the record for least homes built, since records began [1920]. The last Labour government were no better, they managed to build just 320,000 in their last 10 years? A short sharp shock was needed and this Tory led coalition gave it, they upped student debt to £9,000 a term, adding millions to GDP, they then introduced Help-to-Buy, whereby the ‘taxpayer’ guarantees the deposit, leaving people to be able to now afford the ‘Stamp Duty‘, this created a surge in GDP, allowing millions of people to cross our borders, with nowhere to live, increased the value of the stock, [bubble] especially around London and South East. One of their last moves, before closing Parliament, was to push new Right-to-Buy rules, this helps people in Social housing, to buy their home. Part of EU legislation is; No property / business will be owned by the Public. This is why they are selling off our Public Service rights, these Services made us £85.3bn last year, pulling our Trade from minus £119.9bn to a ‘healthy’ looking minus £34.8bn? The year before they were £64bn, how much are they selling them for, and why?

What we need, is Corporations to bring back the work, forced if need be, we need homes to settle to realistic prices, we need a living wage, for everyone! Far too much emphasis is placed on ‘Profit‘, profit these corporations siphon off-shore, the whole world needs a new Financial System, as the US$ ceases to be ‘Reserve Currency’ of the World. Something else you haven’t seen in the press? The ‘Dollar’ is crashing and we are in for a rough ride, the Chinese Riminbi has taken over as World currency. This is why USA were ‘advising’ her allies not to join the Chinese ran AIIB, too late, only USA and Japan left to sign up?

New Currency
We also need to ‘shrink’ the Corporate, did you know, that just 147 Corporations run everything that goes on in the world? Just 6 companies own 96% of Western media? This is far too much control in too few hands!
Latest figures show we have 51.7m people over 16 of working taxable age, from these 30.9m are Employed, 1.9m are unemployed, we also have 19.1m Economically In-Active, this is a similar number to those we have in Full Time Employment [19.3m]? That’s 19.1m who have no record of Income or Bank A/C? 1.7M OF THESE ARE OVER 65?  – All Information can be found here!


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