Why is PC so important?

What is PC really and is it new? In the wake of Farage’s call to drop the discrimination of British workers and offer them the work first, rather than to Immigrants, it’s come to light that the whole game is a sham. Farage states;

I think the employer should be much freer to make decisions on who she or he employs.

‘I think the situation that we now have, where an employer is not allowed to choose between a British-born person and somebody from Poland, is a ludicrous state of affairs.

‘I would argue that the law does need changing, and that if an employer wishes to choose, or you can use the word ‘discriminate’ if you want to, but wishes to choose to employ a British-born person, they should be allowed to do so.”

Under current law, an employer can’t discriminate on colour, creed, race, or sex when offering a job, what Farage is pointing out, English law doesn’t protect British workers, of any race, creed sex or colour? Because of this statement Farage has been labelled ‘Racist’…….again, while all the time trying to gain some leverage for the British worker. Last Labour PM, Gordon Brown, made the same comment, when polling in 2010, yet he wasn’t decried? This is where PC comes in!

Political Correctness [PC] was introduced around 1988 (?), about the same time as Julia Middleton introduced her ‘Common Purpose’. http://www.tpuc.org/692/  It was introduced, basically to stifle debate and hide the truth, especially about earth-shattering events. Who introduced it, well, ‘Cui bono‘, [who benefits]? It came in World Wide? [The World controlled by the Zionists] It wasn’t one single country, in this case, the money men! Notice no BRICS in the TTIP-TPP World Trade Deal?

Take ‘for example’; After the end of WW2 we were informed of the ‘Holocaust‘, the slaughter of ‘millions of Jews’ in Nazi war camps. Now, I’m not going to say this didn’t happen, though in some countries, you’d be jailed for such a statement? But I will say, and offer proof, that it didn’t happen as they said and I dispute the numbers!

Here a German Judge is arrested and jailed for presenting ‘evidence’ on behalf of a ‘denier’?  http://www.veteranstoday.com/2015/03/31/holocaust-denial-laws-evidence-inadmissable-defense-forbidden/

Back in 1905 Russia, which housed millions of Jews, had what was called The Communist Revolution, Jews were dispersed across Europe, quite a lot landed in Germany. [Who is the Enemy really…..] this led to WW1, it’s from here I want to pick up on the ‘Holocaust’ story, because its in the middle of WW1, that stories started circulating about 6 million Jews. In 1915 the Zionists, [Zionism; Its general definition means the national movement for the return of the Jewish people to their homeland and the resumption of Jewish sovereignty in the Land of Israel] who were the ‘money-men’ really, came to UK and asked for ‘Palestine’, in return for bringing USA into the war, [Balfour Declaration] to help defeat Germany, who had all but won, without firing a shot on home soil?

http://youtu.be/S9v2hhyHWLI    [Titanic conspiracy]

https://youtu.be/4YFT3mQhJPw [Lusitania]

The SUN of New York; June 16th 1915 (Fifth Section, front page)
“Horror worse than Kishineff charged against Russia today”!
Since the destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem the Jewish people have had no darker page in their history. Than that which the Russian Government is writing today, ‘six million Jews’, one half of the Jewish people throughout the world, are being persecuted, hounded + humiliated, tortured and starved. Thousands have been slaughtered, hundreds of thousands of Jews, old men, women + children have been driven mercilessly from town to town…………Dear Bretheren, have mercy on these ‘six million Jews’ in Russia and take our part!
18 years before Hitler?
See they had a plan back then? Similar stories sprung up year on year, see here; http://www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/?p=66463 In 1919,1920, 1921,1922,1923, every paper mentions the same number being hounded across Europe, 6 million starving pestilence ridden Jews? One paper, the New York Times, actually mentions a ‘Holocaust’, on May 31st 1936, all of 3 and a half years before the WW2 was thought about, or was it?

“All the great Zionist leaders, wrote in their papers, made statements, that the fooling of Germany, this great defeat, was all down to them bringing USA into the war, they admitted that it was a Political and Economic decision and nothing to do with religion. Germany held the Jews responsible for this crushing defeat, which was forced on Germany for being successful!”

Original Jews!

Which brings us to the questionable figures for Auschwitz.
http://www.fourwinds10.net/siterun_data/history/zionism/news.php?q=1390838125 The Diary of Anne Frank! Brought into question by her father;

A noteworthy decision of the New York Court confirms this point of view, in that the well known American writer, Meyer Levin, has been awarded $50,000 to be paid to him by the father of Anne Frank as an honorarium for Levin’s work on the “Anne Frank Diary.”
The German magazine, Der Spiegel, published an account of this report stating that;-

(a) some editing postdated 1951;

(b) Experts had held that all the writing in the journal was by the same hand; and thus –

(c) the entire diary was a postwar fake.

The diary of Anne frank is written in Ball point pen. Ball point pen was invented by László Bíró, in 1938. In 1940 the Bíró brothers and a friend, Juan Jorge Meyne, moved to Argentina fleeing Nazi Germany and on June 10 filed for its patent. however it never came into production till about 29 October 1945 in America and was not readily available to all till 1951. Children were not even allowed to use Ball point pen till several years later as it destroyed their hand writing.
Millions of humans world wide were fed a fiction by Jew Otto Frank for the sake of money is nothing new. In any case it was not the fault of Anne Frank. She had not done anything wrong. She had not even written any diary.

In some countries denial of holocaust / or Anne frank diary is illegal. In some cities particularly in Amsterdam such diaries have been used to generate massive tourism and made a source of revenue. Such cities / countries or their “courts of law” will jealously defend the diary and will prosecute to the extent of bankruptcy anyone and everyone who publicly denies the diary as a fraud. However such prosecution has nothing to do with upholding the truth but more to protect the revenue illegally earned over last fifty five years. A case in hand is that of David Irwing. Another is Julian Assange, who has been persecuted for publishing truth in Wikileaks. Nobody has challenged the truth in Wikileaks yet Julian Assange has been persecuted to the extent of bankruptcy.

What was the point of the ‘Holocaust’ then? Well it hid a number of crimes, those of the Zionists who needed to close ‘certain’ matters down.
According to the Russians, the destroyed documents contained evidence that Czar Nicholas II donated gold to set up the League of Nations Trust before World War I began. As a result, ownership of 88.8% of the gold held by the Federal Reserve Board can be traced to Nicholas, the Russians claim. Shortly after donating their gold, Nicholas and his family were killed during the Rockefeller-funded Russian revolution. However, the Russians claim that former Russian Premiere Alexei Kosygin was in fact the son of Czar Nicholas II and so there are still legitimate claimants to that gold in Russia.

The only independent verification I can come up with for these Russians statements are some documents shown to me by a Bank of Japan librarian showing that 10 tons of Russian gold were taken to Japan by a Japanese warship during the Bolshevik revolution. Japan never returned that gold. Perhaps the Russian Embassy in Japan should make some enquiries.

If the Russian allegations are true, they may explain Jacob Rothchild’s sudden concern about “Russian aggression and expansion.” It would also explain the recent hysterical Russia bashing by Rothschild servants like UK Prime Minister David Cameron.

This may also be connected to another mystery. The *King World gold bug news site quoted London metals trader Andrew Maguire as saying that HSBC would be shutting down all 7 of its gold warehouses in London within two months.”
Benjamin Fulford (Historical Black Swan)**

* http://kingworldnews.com/celente-closing-london-gold-vaults-will-shake-world/

“Freedom can mean freedom of expression or freedom to sway the masses by the money power of political donations, or having your own chosen one as a puppet President ‘who’ then decides on judges most of whom dance to moneyers behind their appointments.”

Back to present day, in USA there’s a lobbying group, AIPAC, [American Israel Public Affairs Committee] these people lobby government for Jewish interests [Zionists] In the UK we have a number of Israel friendly groups, two notable ones; LFI [Labour Friends of Israel] & CFI [Conservative Friends of Israel] there’s also the Jewish Chronicle. These people use PC to it’s extreme, they certainly don’t want the truth to come out! [Good piece here;


While PC tackles discrimination, there’s no English law regarding Religion. We have Christianophobia, which is anti-Christian sentiment, but it’s legal, why do Jews have Anti-Semitic, which is illegal to call, yet relates to a Race, notably Arabs, not Religion? PC stops people asking questions and debating! It’s so strong, recently we had in Rotherham, UK, an entire police force and a Council, refuse to arrest perpetrators of Rape and assault on 1400 girls, by a gang of men, because they were Muslims and didn’t want to be stigmatised as ‘Racist’? See how powerful this PC is?

Blair Bush

Well the money men have been found out, the Zionists who are driving the current worlds problems, have been exposed, the likes of Obama, McCain, Cheney, Cameron, Osborne, Blair, Milliband, Clegg will soon be brought to book;

Events in Russia, Syria, Iraq, Venezuela can be attributed to Zionists, America want to maintain their hegemony, to do this they must preserve the ‘Petrodollar’, these countries along with BRICS countries, no-longer want to use petrodollar. President Putin of Russia, has said more than once, he is not a ‘fan’ of their NWO, [New World Order]!

** http://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2015/03/benjamin-fulford-historical-black-swan-event-imminent-3119440.html
We need to get rid of PC so we can all start debating the truth!


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