Money, Money, Money! [Wake up and smell the Coffee]

Where does it come from? Believe it or not, thin air! Every time a loan is made, the bank prints money, so when the banks went bust, where did they get the money from? Us, the people, but where did we get it from, if we owe so much? We in effect, allowed the banks to ‘borrow’ from the future, our children’s future. Then who do we owe the ‘debt’ to? Again, the banks, as they issue money + interest!

All ‘Central Banks’; BoE, Fed Res, ECB……..are all basically skint, why? Because in 1971, President Richard Nixon withdrew the ‘USD’ from the ‘gold standard and ever since all banks have treated the world like one big ‘virtual casino’! These ‘masters of the universe’ have bankrupt the world, but won’t admit it, yesterday; 9th March 2015, the ECB, while holding Greece to ransom, started buying ‘debt’? It went on yet another QE program, the PSPP, [Public Sector Purchase Program] to save the Euro, a €60bn a month buy-out of Public & Private debt bonds which will continue till possibly 2016, but where does ECB get it’s money, it didn’t exist before the Treaty of Amsterdam in 1998? Although it primarily operates for the Euro-zone [19], all 28 members actually contribute, the taxes from all people, pay towards it’s up keep?

It’s all a game to maintain a conspiracy, a conspiracy that has perpetuated since 1952, when the original EEC was formed. The plan was to bring the world under one government, one world order. They eventually brought the UK in, by bribing then PM, Ted Heath; the full impact of this, only hitting home now, with police searching for Paedophiles within government ranks. The EEC was born, we were sold a ‘pup’ as they say. Forward to 1979 and Thatcher came in and sold off all Public Assets, in 1990 the EU took over the mantle from EEC, this is when we found out we were to be ‘Governed’ from the EU. Which doesn’t allow for ‘Public ‘ ownership, hence ‘No Social Housing’! This is also the time Governments were usurped, by criminals?

Fast forward to today, USA, to maintain its hegemony, have invaded Ukraine, they don’t want Russia to form a Eurasian Union, which will take countries away from their beloved ‘Petrodollar‘! [Think Iraq 2003 & Libya 2011] To strengthen this they have created a phenomenon known as ISIS, a militia to help dislodge President Assad from Syria, because he won’t allow US to build a pipe-line from Qatar to Syria and on to Europe. This would see Russia lose all her sales of Oil / Gas in Europe, eventually hoping to force them under USA umbrella. All of this to maintain their conspiracy, the fiddled figures, false trade readings as well as ‘Stocks & Shares’. All the time Bankers getting their multi-million $, £, bonuses?

Let’s look at UK figures; April 2009 Labour gave a figure of £141bn for Income Tax receipts for the year 2008/9, this rose, as we were in growth, to £150bn in April 2010 figures, then in April 2011, the Tories, after sacking over 500,000 public sector workers in their first 9 months as well as other losses in the Private sector, Osborne published Income Tax receipts of £158bn, (+ £8bn)? This reduced the following year [April 2012] to £155bn and remained the same for April 2013, even though Cameron had stated “We have created over 1 million ‘new’ jobs“? Obviously they picked up on the public’s perception, because in April 2014 they show receipts of £167bn. During the same years, we have in the ‘Expenditure’ column ‘Other’ reducing year on year, while in the ‘Income’ column under ‘Other’ it raises? No statement of what these are, but I would hazard that EU funding and ‘Sex & Drugs’ belong in these columns. Sex & Drugs is a category the EU have allowed countries to use, it helps poor countries GDP look good, but in our case it cost us £1.7bn in extra payments to EU. France and Germany don’t use these figures [not compulsory], hence they ‘received’ money from EU? Osborne allowed a figure of £12bn for Sex & Drugs, even though they can’t be proven and we made no tax on them, it cost us £1.7bn? These tables can be viewed here;

Last 6 UK Budgets

Now I’ll come to the ‘nuts and bolts’ according to ONS [Feb] we have 51,774,000 people of taxpayer age [16+], of these 32,758,000 are Economically Active, 30,896,000 Employed and 1,862,000 Unemployed BUT, we have 19,016,000 Economically In-Active? The same figures reveal we have 19,370,000 in Full Time Employment, earning a median weekly wage of £480, the lower docile earning £250 a week. This leaves 11,526,000 either Self-Employed or Part-Time, the last self-employed count was 4.5 million. This still leaves us with 19,016,000 Economically In-Active, nearly as many as we have in Full Time employment? Can anyone see £167bn in taxes here? £481 x 52 – 20% x 9.68m= + £250 x 52 – 20% x 9.68m= I only get it to £73.6bn The other £93.4bn coming from Part Time(?) and Self-Employed?

ONS Figs Feb 15

Which brings me to our Trading figures? Back in 1997, Trade was 28% of our GDP, last year our over-all Trade was 7% and our Trade in goods was only 4.5%. We had a over-all ‘deficit’ of £119.9bn, which was reduced to a over-all deficit of £34.83bn with ‘Trade in ‘Services’, which they want to sell off under TTIP?

UK Labour and Trade figures

In conclusion, these figures show we are far from recovering, they have been massaged to look good, for the benefit of ‘buying time’, time they need to allow EU rules to commence. Anyone who reads my blog will see from the last; ‘So, you think we’re getting a Referendum‘ what I mean, we are being forced into a Corporate driven EU, who are pushing a Corporate agenda, TTIP, which will see us revert back to ‘Slavery’. Because successive governments have allowed Corporations to ‘off-shore’ work, for bigger profits, we now see UK, US and EU struggling to make any income, China have just passed US as the largest economy, 3 years before predicted date? We have mass immigration, who only manage to take ‘unskilled’ services jobs, as most skilled work, even IT has been farmed out. We have just had the lowest recorded Build in a Parliament since the 1920’s, when records began?

The Corporate drive has to stop, it’s only killing enterprise at home and destroying our infrastructure. We need to get out of the EU and the TTIP, start charging taxes on Imported goods, that we can make at home and become a little more self-sufficient! We must also drive these corrupt corporations out, HSBC has been found to be money laundering and one of their board, was actually sitting on the BBC, she was highly criticised by Margaret Hodge the Public Accounts overseer, who advised she resign or face being sacked?

It now costs us the taxpayer, £53bn, that’s over £1bn a week Interest on the ‘debt’? Which stands at £1.5 Trillion? Tories don’t mention the ‘Debt’, the emphasis is always on Deficit, as they want to push the sell off of Public Services. Cutting services, or selling them to Private enterprise, in a growing population is suicide, for the Public! Obviously the population not paying enough in taxes?

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