TTIP: What happens next?

Lawful Rebellion

The TTIP, Transatlantic Trading Investment Partnership is a trading agreement between the EU and USA, it’s alleged to bring down taxes between the two continents, for trade, but what else does it do? We’re not sure, because the whole debate is being held in secret, none of our MP’s know what’s in it, yet they are adamant, we should sign it?

Let’s take a look, besides trade, the TTIP holds a much debated policy, ISDS, this allows Corporations to sue governments, if they change policies or rules that affect their profits. Inside the TTIP is also a deal to ‘sell-off’ all Public Service rights, this would place ALL governments, spending and jobs, in the hands of Corporations? Especially NHS? Now at present USA are signed up to various treaties around the world, with different countries, all these treaties are inter connected, join one you join them all.

TPPA; Trans – Pacific Partnership Agreement between USA, Aust, Brunei, Can, Chile, Jap, Malaysia, Mex, NZ, Peru, Sing, and Vietnam

TTFA; Transit – Transport Framework Agreement between all countries signed in treaties NAFTA; North American Free Trade Agreement between Canada, Mexico & USA CETA; Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement between Canada & EU

TISA; Trade in Services Agreement between all countries signed in treaties

TTIP; Transatlantic Trading Investment Partnership between EU & USA completes the circle?

The whole purpose of these Treaties, is to make it easier to trade between countries, allegedly, but it also gives companies control over what legislation governments can bring in, because of the ISDS, these ‘claims’ go to a ‘special’ court’, a court that only consists of specialists in commercial law, no judges? Government would be wary of introducing legislation, thinking it would be challenged, expensively, in court. This is a Power Grab by Corporations. Under TTIP, all nations Sovereignty & Public Service rights are given to Corporations, we already signed them over to EU in the Lisbon Treaty;

Now what happens under TTIP? The Government are the biggest ‘Public Service’, so, these will go, as we all become slaves, Corporations will have control over ALL the work and EU, who insist on ‘Free Movement’, will provide the cheap labour? The ‘Welfare’ reforms presently being under taken, aren’t reforms, Welfare is being taken away. Everybody will have to work for minimum wage topped up with credits, No Work = No Credits!

The Tories ‘new’ Workfare says it all, the clue’s in the name! Labour have also agreed this policy? Don’t forget, under the TTIP & EU, we lose all Sovereign & Democratic rights, who actually believes we will have ‘workers’ rights? We currently have 19,016,000 (19 million) Economically In-Active, what happens to these and the sick, disabled, unemployed, under this scheme? The Swiss are gearing up for it;  while we are being made into slaves? LibLabCon are all for this agreement, Farage for UKIP has said, “UKIP are all for Free Trade, but hold reservation till we see what’s in it”!

Regional UK

Under these ‘rules’ the Regions will be controlled by a ‘selected’ Governor and the already elected MEP’s, so what happens to all the MP’s?  Is this why Cameron said “I shan’t seek a third term”, because he knows there wont be elections after this Parliament? Is this also the reason Parliament is closing now, for long over-due repairs? My opinion is, it will re-open as the ‘Grandiose’ London Regional Seat, NOT as the Seat of National Government [try getting odds]

Please; get informed, here is a readable version of the Lisbon Treaty, which needs to be read in conjunction with TEU & TFEU [Explanatory notes]  – READABLE Lisbon Treaty

 Also take note to Article 16 [4] [5] page 12 TEU.

Once all three of these Treaties are signed, they unite all those nations as one – single market – against those who oppose, BRICS, who will be forced in by war, Financial, Sanctioned or Military. America have already regime changed Argentina & Brazil.


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2 Responses to TTIP: What happens next?

  1. Anne says:

    A War to End all Wars.

    I remember well that last terrible World War
    From Nineteen-Thirty-nine to forty-five
    When the bombs rained down upon us
    When to the shelters we went, to stay alive.
    To listen to the long speeches of Churchill,
    That, “Outside, the storms of war may blow,
    And the lands may be lashed with the fury of its gales”.
    Such inspiring words all of us so needed to know.

    Huddled up to the “wireless” to listen
    To every word Winston Churchill said,
    “We must not underrate the gravity”
    Oh so many times his words we read.
    He has gone down in UK History
    As the greatest Prime Minister of all,
    Oh, how we need the likes of him now,
    For our Country is heading for a fall.

    The blackest, treacherous Day of all for us,
    Although we didn’t know it, at the time,
    That there would be “no loss of essential Sovereignty”,
    When that Prime Minister told that treacherous lie.
    The deep betrayal “TODAY” by those we freely elect
    To keep secret the carefully planned T.T.I. P
    When strangers decide that our once free Country
    Will never again, ever be “FREE”.

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