What happened, you say?

You still believe it happened this way? http://youtu.be/YQBlv7sZGVE John Lear has made an affidavit to the effect, “No planes hit the Twin Towers”, this is on top of countless other ‘proof’ that is on the ‘net’. What’s compelling about this is, ‘an affidavit becomes proof in law’ unless it’s rebutted? This affidavit was placed on record in January 2014, lets see if and when, the government reply?


That said, what where the governments intentions? Beside taking out 3 ageing buildings, what did they want, incite the public? It’s all about control, who is in power, the people, together, are always in control, remember that! The Boston Bombing was another ‘False Flag’, they had a patsy ready to go to court, when Infowars produced evidence, LIVE on air? ( http://youtu.be/GWA3pp3fqNo ) This allowed USA ‘Police’, dressed as combat troops, to enter peoples homes without the proper paperwork? Trampling all over our rights. Just like the Twin Towers and Boston Bombing, the UK government did a similar thing in UK, what we call 7/7. But this leaves a lot more questions than it answers.               ( http://youtu.be/R7PQG5weeHk ) Questions like; Why would a man, witness, say he got off the bus, because he’d reached his destination, when the bus had been diverted and shouldn’t have been where it was?


The ‘heroine’ Marie Oates Whitehead, who died later, in suspicious circumstances? Then we had John Charles DeMenzies, who we still don’t know where he worked, but could have seen something? Finally, the suicide bombers, they were SHOT, nowhere near the trains, they were alleged to have blown up?
BUT, in the middle of all this we have an eminent British subject, one Dr Kelly, mysteriously killed, prior to giving his report on WMD in Iraq? How could this eminent British person, who as a Doctor, has sworn an Oath, to protect life, lie about what he knew? ( http://forum.prisonplanet.com/index.php?topic=212332.0 ) To compound the mystery of Dr Kelly, why have serious questions never been addressed? 1. Why was the body moved? 2, Who moved it? 3, Why no proper Post Mortem? 4, Why strip wallpaper from his dining room, while searching for him? There are more, but surely this is enough to open an investigation?


Blair and Bush have a lot to answer for, to the public, for their terms in office! Could it be part of the Agenda? After-all, Blair did sign us up to Agenda 21,  Obama has also signed Executive Order 13575, Agenda 21? ( http://youtu.be/ZosgUqck21c ) which is something similar to our Lisbon Treaty?

All this ‘terrorism’ is designed to scare, so that they can bring in legislation, they never would otherwise, have been allowed!


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Like fishing, travel and reading. My favorite football team is Everton. I'm married to Teresa and we have 2 children.
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