We don’t have much longer…….

8 weeks 2 days at time of print;

Our Society has been sold out, on 1st November 2014, we hand over 43 more laws to Brussels, not a lot of people know it, but this opens the door to UN’s Agenda 21. Over the weekend, we saw an English couple arrested on a European Arrest Warrant (EAW), this, I feel, was a move by Theresa May to set some form of Precedent. Firstly, the EAW isn’t due to come into use till 1st Dec 2014 and secondly, we still have Magna Carta article 61 sec 37, “No foreign law can be used against us”! Now, this EAW was used in Spain, so we don’t know what precedent, if any, it did set. The only way we can stop this and maintain Magna Carta, is have an MP, Cabinet member, arrested for treason, before 1st November? In the next link, is a piece on Magna Carta and what we can do, we also have “Lawful Rebellion” please have a listen, it’s very important!  www.lawfuldissent.co.uk 


This all started back in the early 70’s, when the Bretton Wood monetary was dropped, the UK went decimal, then paedophile Tory Ted Heath, took us in to the Common Market, EEC as it was then, later, as was known at the time by Labours Harold Wilson and the Liberal pillow biter Jeremy Thorpe, to become the EU. Ever since then, we have been on a downward spiral, as everything we knew, was changed. http://ishtarsgate.wordpress.com/2014/07/14/the-eu-has-declared-war-on-britain-and-we-only-have-four-months-to-prepare/  Please, have a look at this link,.


Back in the early 1980’s, the UN asked for a report on the state of the world, resources and wildlife, Gro Bruntdland and Maurice Strong produced “Our Common Future” in 1986, this was turned into a 400 page Agenda 21 by the UN,  http://www.wakingtimes.com/2014/05/13/agenda-21-plan-global-fascist-dictatorship After 1st November, it will get harder to communicate, as blogs like this will be closed down. Our freedoms will be curtailed, Oh we won’t see it at first, they have an election to win and the LibLabCons don’t want to show their hand! But if either of them is given free reign, god help us! The Agenda 21 will be topped by TTIP and with it TISA, Trade In Services Agreement, this is what the corporations are really after, every governments spending and jobs, in the hands of corporations, will in effect turn us into slaves!

CAP figures 

Above, is a list of people and the amounts they received last year, from the  EU’s CAP, this is the reason these people are voting to stay in, our Council Tax goes towards their pay-off! More and more profits are being salted away, off-shore, while our taxes pay the rents for all those with low paid jobs?

In his defection speech, Carswell said, “it’s the ‘unelected’ powerful people, who make the policies and send out those that are ‘elected’ to lie” that I’m scared of! These will be the corporates on the list above, who are driving the TTIP and the whole Agenda 21 program! This is probably why a ‘split’ can be sensed in the Tories, the whole party is laden with money men, although maybe only the cabinet plus one or two, are in on what’s actually happening. Where as with Labour, those with money ARE the shadow-cabinet, lower orders would be cheaply acquired.


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