Do we REALLY understand?

How long do you think you could get away with collecting money each year and not explaining how or where it went? Say you and some friends, formed a club and collected say, £1 million a year from a further 28 people, you made members.

You produce an end of year report, but it doesn’t explain ALL the expense. According to our laws, after two years, you would no doubt be in jail BUT, this is exactly what the EU is doing, only on a larger scale. They take our money and, according to their reports, waste it! They have been doing this for years, the last 19 years they have failed to have their books signed off? They are audited, by their own team of accountants, but a lot of money goes unexplained. Marta Andreasen is an accountant, who once worked for the EU, she raised concerns about the commissions accounting system, which she said, “left them open to fraud”, for this, they suspended her, for 15 months? (Following from Wiki)

Andreasen criticised the EU’s accounting system for being open to fraud, She raised her criticisms and proposals for overdue improvements and changes internally, but made no progress with her superior. She then submitted her report to the Commissioner Michaele Schreyer and the Commission President Romano Prodi. She again received no answers and so approached members of the EU Parliament’s Budget Control Committee.

She, consequently, refused to sign off the 2001 European Commission accounts. In the discharge procedure in 2003 the Commission promised comprehensive reform.

At this stage the media began to investigate and to report. Andreasen went public with her concerns on 1 August 2002.


Andreasen was fully suspended from her job by the Commission in May 2002 (for “violating Articles 12 and 21 of staff regulations, failure to show sufficient loyalty and respect“). She is said to have been suspended from her job and ultimately fired because she refused to sign accounts she believed were unreliable.”

This is why the likes of Clegg, Mandleson and Kinnock speak out for the EU, they have a Pension from the EU, so can’t speak ‘disloyally or disrespectfully’.

We are being lied to and fed disinformation, the ‘growth’ in our economy is fake, we have to go searching for figures, when in the past, they’ve been shoved under our nose, why? Well, we have an economy propped up by Osborne’s ponzi scheme and a shed full of debt? Our trade, in goods and services, as of July 2014 was -£2.4 billion compared to -£2.1 billion in April. Our year-on-year Retail Sales rose by 3.9% for June, compared to May 2013, BUT, fell by 0.5% compared to April 2014. Average price of goods sold in May 2014, showed continued deflation of 0.7%? Our National Debt is £1,304.6 billion.


Our manufacturing has been in managed decline since 1975, it’s been a ‘negative*’ figure in GDP since 1983, Newcastle is the only city with a ‘positive*’ trade at present. In 1997 trade was worth 28% of GDP, in 2009 it was 11% or £140 billion, today it’s around 4.4% or £65 billion, our unsecured (credit cards) debt is twice that (£160+ billion) at present? We have a mortgaged (secured) debt of £1,286 billion? Our economy is so bad, we are to start including our ‘sex trade’ and illegal ‘drugs trade’ in the figures, (all estimated) this is to be operated by all G7 countries? The IMF has issued a forecast for UK growth of 3.2% by the end of year, but they don’t say where it’s coming from?


When our position with-in the EU is brought up, the people who would want us to remain in, Big Business and our LibLabCon politicians, can only throw 3 million jobs at us? Let’s look at it PROPERLY! Our trade with the EU is mostly one way, to us from them, what we sell to them, is very small. Though ALL trade only accounts for 7% of GDP, it’s fallen from pre-crash of 10% and is likely to remain like this for the next ten years, as the Euro-zone struggles to get back on its feet. The corporate who operate the EU and who are pushing for the TTIP, are looking to garner control over everything. Hidden in the TTIP agreement is the sell-off of ALL public service rights, of all countries. (Last year, we had a trade in goods deficit of £18 billion, but a trade in services profit of £56 billion, so why would they want to sell them and for how much?) Now, in this country alone, this could see 3 million people put out of work? Not the same three million who would lose their jobs if we came out, but a similar figure? They use the excuse of losing jobs to stay in, but aren’t mentioning the loss we incur, if we do? Not only will we lose all public services to corporations, we would also lose all of our sovereign rights, as this is all part of the ‘secret’ negotiations.


.If we came out, we could still trade with the EU, we could also go and negotiate trade deals with Commonwealth countries and other emerging countries, which we’re not allowed to at present! On top of this, we get to keep our democratic and sovereign rights, under the European Arrest Warrant; we will lose our Habeas Corpus, Trial by Jury and Innocent until proven Guilty! As of 1st November 2014, another 43 laws are to be transferred to Brussels and we lose all rights to these, one of which is, the right to have a referendum? The EU want us to have an ID card, at present, it’s not a legal requirement to give a policeman your name and address, if you’ve done nothing wrong? So why should we give up our Magna Carta chapter 61, just to appease these people?

At present we are celebrating the fallen in WW1, these brave men and women who gave their lives, so we could be free. Yet at the same time, our politicians are selling us out to the Corporate. Their competition laws are supposed to make it a level playing field, but it doesn’t. The lowest tender usually wins the day, Wrong! Under competition rules, ALL tenders can be legally challenged in a court, so the one with the most money wins. This will see our NHS run into the ground and, after paying out for PFI’s, will only able to tender for bandages and plasters? The big companies gobble up the little ones! The same will apply to all public services, those that can’t go on-line, will be franchised out? To save our manufacturing, we must STOP these FTA’s and TTIP’s, they have caused poverty in countries that already have them. Australia, Mexico and Canada, even Germany are being sued by corporations, pertaining to FTA’s? They only enhance corporations and create slavery. The cheap goods we let in under these FTA’s, are costing us OUR jobs, they should be taxed to maintain our standard of living, otherwise we become the next India, China sweat shop? Did Dyson charge any ‘less’ for his vacuum cleaner?


These corporations are making laws to suit themselves, jumping from one country to the next to avoid taxes. They gain all the benefits, but don’t pay their way. We need to stand up to them, after-all it’s us little people, that make them their fortune.

Today we see the taxpayer forking out £12.5 billion, a year, for IN work benefits? This is because companies won’t pay a living wage and in a lot of cases, force immigrants to work for less than minimum wage? The taxpayer is subsidising company profits?

Finally, look around, what is the EU up to? Along with USA and NATO, they are trying to create a war with Russia, which we’d be fighting now, if it weren’t for the internet! This is what the EU is really about, power and control. We should put one big spanner in the works and come out now!


Positive* sold more than we bought

Negative* bought more than we sold.

Boris has decided to break his promise and run for MP, he made a promise to London voters he would see out his full term, back in 2012. In a speech on Europe, he alludes to EU competition and gives a coach driver as his example. This is exactly what TTIP will represent, our small companies will be swallowed up by the corporate big wigs, because all tenders can be challenged in court. The likes of our NHS will lose most of government funding on PFI repayments so would not be eligible to tender and small companies, would be forced to ‘prove’ their tenders in courts, accruing more expense? This is why competition laws, hidden in sec 75 of HSCA will crucify SME’s!

Don’t believe a word Boris say’s, as he is out chasing and galvanising votes from potential UKIP supporters, though he is right on UK not needing the EU and they are hurting us, with their red tape, exactly what UKIP have been telling us for years!


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