Labour……You were so good to us?

Successive governments have harnessed us to low wages, none more so than Labour, with their ill thought out minimum wage! Although heralded by Labour, it was in fact an EU directive. This was supposed to stop unscrupulous business, taking advantage of people. A Union statement at the time said: A motion tabled for the annual conference of Unison, the public service union, said it would “perpetuate poverty”. It was supposed to protect the part-time worker and those employed in textiles and services. But, big business decided to use this as the normal wage, reducing overnight, hundreds of thousands of workers wages. A couple of years later, 2000, they brought in working tax credits, in preference to wage rises, this was supposedly copied from the Clinton admin. Brown also introduced a separate means testing, for tax credits, this eventually led to the huge rise in the Welfare Bill, with people working 40 hours, but because of their low pay, getting their rent paid for them! Labour STILL failed to bring back the rent cap that was taken away by the Tories, in the ‘80’s. They followed that up, by opening the door to millions of immigrants and cheap labour, thus forcing down pay rates, long fought for. The UK is STILL the lowest paid minimum wage, of the big EU countries?


For the UK to get back on track, we have to: get out of the EU, ‘freeze’ wage rises for bosses and management, currently running at 67% for the last ten years. Give those on low pay a Living wage, a wage they can pay their own way in life with, as we used to have back before 1979! This will not only reduce the Welfare Bill, it will increase the income tax take for the government. Putting money in people’s pocket is good for the economy, because they SPEND it! If minimum wage had kept up with inflation, it would be £19 per hour now.1 For those who shout this down, with cries of ‘prices will have to rise’! Why didn’t they rise when bosses put their wages up? Answer, ‘The Market’! The market sets the price we sell commodities at, not cost + profit.  None of the above will ever happen, as we are about to be taken over!

The start of the corporatism that is heading our way in 2014, is the signing of the EU / US FTA! This is a deal, to sell off all our Public Service rights, to foreign corporations. This deal will give companies the power, to sue governments, if they introduce or change rules, which affect their profits! So, if government, raised the minimum wage, or introduced a Living wage, they get sued! With this deal, comes sec 75 of the HSCA, this harmonises legislation’ between EU, UK and USA, this means we can no longer reverse policies made by previous government and it becomes illegal to leave the EU!


NHS Privatisation? Only IF the EU / US FTA is signed!

The situation of the ongoing NHS privatisation, across a number of successive UK administrations, is fundamentally different, as in this case, the whole project can only work if the public do not realise that they are being duped. 

There are still a few ‘obstacles’ to the ultimate end described below, but these are not impossible for the ‘profiteers’ given the right environment.

These include the election of a government which can implement the final steps (this could be any of the main political parties, based on their past performance), a NHS IT system ‘fit for purpose’, a method of allocating funds for CCGs depending on individuals’ contributions, a method for allowing top-up payments, to name but a few. Appetite for privatisation had failed to increase prior to the last election, despite little manoeuvres like the NHS logo available to private companies to make it hard for patients to distinguish between services provided by them and the NHS proper; and permitting private hospitals to compete to sell whichever procedures they wish to offer. (At present one wouldn’t know NHS from a Private Company?)

With all three main major political parties having converged on the market, there was barely a cigarette paper’s difference between these parties from which to choose.  (One wouldn’t know a capitalist from a socialist)? Or neo-liberalist!

What does this tell you? Don’t vote LibLabCon!

  1. In 1970 an average week’s wage after stoppages, was £30, one could buy a loaf for 1 shilling and there were 20 shillings in a £1. So, for £30 we could buy 600 loaves.

Today an average week’s wage is £350 after stoppages and a loaf is £1.25, so for our £350 we can buy 280 loaves. When we should be able to buy 600, which is £750 or £18.75 an hour for 40 hrs!…..After Stoppages!

  • Remember, back in 1970, there were no ‘supermarkets’ just private bakers everywhere! We also had businesses like ‘Sunblest’, who supplied shops, which private bakers had to compete with.

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