The Big Society, explained.

First, can I just say, this is not my work, the guy who penned the original, Gilbrero, is on the link under the comments section! I just thought it worthy of a wider audience!

I have been thinking since Cameron first mentioned it, what is all this ‘volunteering’ leading to? The Big Rip-Off would have been a better title, but to obvious. No wonder he said it was ‘Complicated’ to explain!

Cameron has suggested investors for his Big Society @ 4% interest, eventually, I say ‘eventually’ as the original plea, states: “with the aim of 4%” for the building of Social homes and Charity shops?

Who will end up having to pay that 4 %?

Now who could that be?

Well let’s see now,
Do we think that it will be the fund manager.
Nope I thought not, as he will want his fees, usually a min of 12%, Per annum.


So let’s now deduct that.
So now we have a smaller pot and it’s going to a charity.

So is the charity which has no money of its own whatsoever relying on idiots, sorry mugs, sorry, people to hand it to them.

Well no, as they spend far more on the exec perks and troughers and political contributions and other corruption, sorry expenses, usually 4/5ths or 80p in the £, as the current ‘Health Lottery’ does, only 20p in the £ goes to good causes?

So that makes the pot smaller.
so now let’s deduct that and the balance is going to build social houses and more charity shops?


Which incurs expenses and profits and salaries to be paid, builders to build and all other manner of various bits and pieces and of course local and national govt troughers to pay too.

And HMRC of course.

april_15_tax_deadline_lc 25_percent_tax_mc

Lets deduct that and now work from the minuscule base that’s left and some poor mug desperate for somewhere to live, finally gets one of these little shoe boxes.

To live in.                                    windmill_spinning_slow_lw

But, the mug sorry investor, wants his 4% and the other mug, sorry, tenant who is jobless and has ten kids and can’t afford a rice pudding for Xmas, is asked to pay the same rent as a mansion in Knightsbridge.


Except he can’t afford it,

And so the dear taxpayer picks up the tab.    irs_vacuum_sucking_mo_a_lw


A nice successful scheme and everyone is a winner, the fund manager, the salesman, the shoddy box house-builder, the tenant and the various charity heads who can now fly to Bermuda for a well earned rest.
And not least the cretin, sorry the mug, sorry, it’s the keyboard, I do mean the investor who picks up his paltry 4 % on a another roaring successful charity ponzi investment scam sorry scheme that our dear leader can smile about, kiss babies and claim he is a great leader befitting that other moron, sorry, president, who can magic free insurance out of the air whilst telling everyone that they can keep their policy.

And you can keep your 4% profit but everyone else will lose their shirts, including you if you are taxpayer!


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