What’s going on?

Immigration is high on the agenda here and has been since UKIP embarked on the campaign trail. Across Europe and indeed the USA, there is a shortage of work, but because of the EU ‘freedom of movement’, we are obliged to allow people from all corners of the EU, to enter our country, use our services and apply for work, which is also in very short supply. On January the 1st 2014, the door opens to a joint population of 29 million Romanian and Bulgarians, UKIP, as part of their ‘Get out of the EU’ campaign have high-lighted this.

Since this coalition came to Office, they have attacked the working man, the unemployed and the disabled; they have introduced austerity, as an ideology, rather than a necessity. They have championed the bankers cause in the EU, when they were threatened with extra taxation by EU bureaucrats. Now, because of sustained pressure, the government are pushing through changes to ‘benefit’ rules, supposedly to stop the influx of Romanian and Bulgarians, but BE WARY OF THE WORDING!

           “Other measures already announced include cutting off benefits

              after six months, for EU job-seekers with no employment prospect

                    and stopping them from making housing benefit claims.”

Aren’t UK subjects, also EU job-seekers? Is this a clever ruse by Tories?

Also next year, June in fact, the EU / US FTA is due to be signed? What is this you may ask and when were we going to get told about it? Well, this deal is all about selling off our Public Service Rights, to foreign corporations, under sec 75 of the HSCA, which kicks in when this is signed; companies will have the power to sue governments, if they introduce or change rules that affect their profits. So, if government raise minimum wage, or introduce a Living wage, they get sued? This deal also ‘harmonises legislation’ between EU, UK and USA, which means we will not be able to REVERSE policies made by previous governments AND we will not be allowed to leave the EU, this becomes ILLEGAL!


This is all part of the corporate take-over, all democracy will be gone, they would have gotten rid of the sovereign states and common law, which is the idea behind the European Arrest warrant, No more Trial by Jury, no more innocent till proven guilty? Corporate police will take over, (G4S, PSCO’s), who at present have NO authority, NO Oath of Office, but a copy of PACE? In the mean time, George Osborne has put in place a taxpayer backed Ponzi scheme, ‘Help-to-buy’, which allows people who don’t have a deposit, to purchase a property up to £600,000? The economy is now picking up on the back of this, because those ‘deposits’ that never got paid (guaranteed by taxpayer) went to pay the ‘stamp duty’ (tax) which makes the government books look good. This has been forecast to crash in 22 months, after the next election.

So, in 2015 we have a scenario of a crashed economy, not just here but in the USA also 😦http://www.tvclip.biz/video/mOwZwkhFemQ/world-banker-makes-stunning-confession.html)


We are now in the end zone of Agenda 21, remember that? Tony Blair signed us up in 1997, just after he took office. I have been saying for a long time now, in fact there are a couple of references on this site, we are being manipulated to a corporate state and the LibLabCons are/ have been doing all they can to take us there! This could be the main reason for setting up the EURO and pitting it, in direct competition against a failing dollar?


http://action.sumofus.org/a/tpp-lawsuits/?sub=taf   Please, read and sign the petition!


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