Climate Change…..Really?

Due to a lack of scientific evidence, Global Warming is now known as, Climate Change, we have four every year and they are called seasons!

It’s what they don’t tell you, facts they omit, because they can’t explain. At the end of the day, nature is doing what nature does, evolves! Our records just don’t go back far enough! The 1950’s, come on, the EU / UN have been shafting us for forty of them years!

That said, a report by IPCC this week, blames humans for climate change;


“Scientists and government representatives have been meeting in Stockholm this week to finalise the first part of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) fifth assessment report.
The report is expected to show even greater certainty that human activity is causing the majority of the warming the planet has seen since the 1950s, up from a 90% certainty in the last IPCC study in 2007 to 95% in this assessment.
The warming is leading to large-scale changes in the ocean, in sea levels and ice sheets, glaciers and sea ice, the report – which draws on thousands of scientific papers to assess the evidence for climate change and its causes – is set to warn.
Leaked versions of the report also suggest warming has been particularly marked since the 1970s, with each of the last three decades significantly warmer than all the previous decades since 1850.
It is set to show ice sheets are losing mass, glaciers are shrinking globally*, sea ice cover is shrinking in the Arctic and the permafrost is thawing in the northern hemisphere.
And it will contain updated figures on projected warming in the next century and sea level rise.
In the run-up to the publication of the IPCC report, questions have been raised about the slowdown in temperature rises in the past 15 years, with climate “sceptics” claiming it undermines the theory of climate change.
UK researchers have said a temporary slowdown in temperature rises is not unexpected, due to natural variation, and that heat going into the deep ocean may partly be the cause of lower rises in surface temperatures.
And a number of different indicators of climate change, as well as surface temperatures, provide evidence of the impact of greenhouse gases on the climate.
Questions have also been raised about the future of the IPCC, with critics claiming that major high-level assessments of climate change were no longer helpful for governments having to make political decisions about tackling global warming.”


*Notice, they didn’t mention the fact that Antarctica ice flow has risen 60% in the last year? There are pictures from NASA to verify this.

Now I live in Liverpool and at the Pier Head (River), there is a plaque that states International Datum Line for sea level, this is used all over the world, in fact in a Toyota 4×4 hand book I used to own, it told me to re-calibrate the Altimeter, take it to this place and press set. This level, in my 59 years, has never changed.
Not so long ago I was berated by my MP for posting my disagreements on a post she put up. She told me “There is an Island in the Pacific that is being reclaimed by rising sea levels!” I pointed out the Pier Head.


Only last week we had the same IPCC, wondering how they were going to hide the fact that the last 15 years have been cooling. Here;


I doesn’t take rocket science to conclude the scientists have been paid for, in fact the initial group actually admitted to falsifying evidence? Look at the proof, out of every £100 of our energy bill half, 50% goes on the product? Gas and electric the same price? 15% goes towards ‘green taxes’ and VAT, so £5 VAT and £10 ‘Green Taxes’, yet only 4% or £4 goes to profits, from which they pay share holders and directors wages and invest in infrastructure.. That’s a whopping 150% more for ‘Green Taxes’ than profit?

Another amazing event last week, an earthquake off the coast of Pakistan and voila! Another brand new Island out of the sea, this will substitute the one they are losing in the Pacific, because of Global Warming?

Assos back ground


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