Privatisation……………How we arrived here!

Mrs Margaret Thatcher, elected in 1979, favoured increased competition among business and ministers, as now, were under increasing pressure to address the problem of budget deficits! Enter Sir Keith Joseph, the Minister for Trade and Industry. He had been impressed by the impact that new technology and deregulation had brought to newly privatised Telecoms in the US of A. Sir Keith was also eager to release the grip the unions had on UK Industry, particularly BT, but he needed funding, or rather the company did. Because the company was state owned he couldn’t borrow, as this would break the public borrowing target.


On the 20th November 1984 the government issued shares for sale in BT, to the public, this share issue was massively over sub-scribed. By the 1st of December 2.1 million members of the public had almost two fifths of the shares and British business Institutes had bought half. On the 3rd of December BT shares started trading and immediately hit an unexpected high rate. This was the start of things to come, there was no looking back. By 1990, 42 firms employing over 900,000 people had been sold off, with even bigger companies to follow. Let’s not forget one thing here, the government had, through their management, pulled the company down somewhat by failing to take on manpower to address issues, issues such as; the waiting list for installations, the waiting list for repairs both domestic and public phones. After privatisation all these lists disappeared, apparently showing that privatisation was a good thing, when all a long it just needed labour. This same thing is happening now with our NHS! They are sacking staff and closing ‘walk-in-centres’ forcing people into A&E with mediocre injuries. This is also pushing people towards private health! Because ALL these MP’s have ‘vested interests’ in the privatisation of the NHS.


Unimaginable companies like, coal, railways and nuclear energy had all been sold off to the private sector between 1994 and 1997. This is where it gets interesting, in 1997, Tony Blair’s Labour Party was elected and  as PM, he travelled to Rio de Janeiro to a UN Earth Summit meeting. It was at this meeting he signed us up to the Agenda 21, to be known as Local Agenda 21 and implemented in countries around the world by an Institute known as the International Council for Local Environment Initiatives (ICLEI.  To find out what LA21 is all about, one has to read ‘The Millennium Papers’ this pdf document explains all the rudiments of LA21 and also explains some of the things being implemented by this government now, or have a quick glance here;   Agenda 21 for Dummies. Here’s a copy of the first paragraphs from The Millennium Papers; “Participating in a UN advocated planning process would very likely bring out many of the conspiracy-fixated groups and individuals in our society such as; the National Rifle Association, citizen militias and some members of Congress / Parliament. This segment of our society who fear ‘one-world government’ and a UN invasion of the United States and UK through which our individual freedom would be stripped away, would actively work to defeat any elected official who joined ‘the conspiracy’ by undertaking LA21. So, we call our processes something else, such as comprehensive planning, growth management, sustainable development or smart growth. On closer examination, however, LA21 can look unfamiliar and create discomfort, as it calls for a significant reorientation of the planners’ role. It asks for a change of orientation from technocratic to political (not partisan). This fundamental difference has not been well recognized by the planning profession, or those who employ planners. Not too surprisingly, NGOs and individuals have expectations for changed institutional behaviours consistent with the principles of LA21. However, even among those progressive local authorities committed to making LA21 work, the public’s expectation for different corporate and professional behaviours is seldom being met.  In its construction LA21 makes clear through its call for involvement, empowerment and devolution of power that planning is primarily a political activity that relies upon science and planning techniques.” (Where have we heard these words before?)


“….after Agenda 21 was adopted, an international organization known as the “International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives” (ICLEI) was established to help implement the goals of Agenda 21 in local communities.” Interesting body is the International Council for Local Environment Initiatives (ICLEI) who number among their membership the following in the UK:


Birmingham City Council

Bristol City Council

City of Glasgow

Craigavon Borough Council

Greater London Authority

Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council

Newcastle City Council

Royal Haskoning (Associate Member)

Woking Borough Council to which list can be added the London Borough of Hammersmith & FulhamHarrow. along with South Wiltshire as further examples.

“Individual rights will have to take a back seat to the collective” in the process of implementing Sustainable Development.  -Harvey Ruvin (ICLEI member)                            “Human beings are at the centre of concerns for sustainable development. They are entitled to a healthy and productive life in harmony with nature”  -Principle 1                   “To achieve Sustainable Development….Councils should produce and eliminate unsustainable patterns of production and consumption”              -Principle 8                 Education for Sustainable Development;                                                           Education is an essential tool for achieving sustainability.                                                     “Generally, more highly educated people, who have high incomes, consume more resources than poorly educated people, who tend to have lower incomes. In this case, more education increases the threat to sustainability.              -ESD Toolkit v 2.0

The fourth version of the Covenant, issued on September 22, 2010, was written to control all development tied to the environment, “the highest form of law for all human activity”. The Covenant’s 79 articles, described in great detail in 242 pages, take Sustainable Development principles described in Agenda 21 and transform them into global law, which supersedes all constitutions including the U.K. and USA Constitution.

All signatory nations, including the U.K. and USA, would become centrally planned, socialist countries in which all decisions would be made within the framework of Sustainable Development.   The Treaty.

Essentially what this proposed environmental covenant does is it takes the sustainable development principles underlying Agenda 21 and turns them into global constitutional law. All parties to this new constitution would be forced to turn their nations into centrally-planned societies where all decisions about everything are evaluated within the framework of sustainable development.

If the United Kingdom became a party to this treaty, the  UK would become a paradise for control freaks.  Basic decisions about what you eat, about what you wear, about where you live, about how big a family you can have and about what activities you could engage in on a daily basis would be dictated by the mandates in the global constitution.


Now that we understand all of that, we can move forward to present day and the coalitions attempt to privatise all Public Services. The EU is now including ‘investor protection’ in its trade agreements which allows corporations to directly sue governments if their corporate ‘rights’ are infringed or profits ‘expropriated’, for instance by any new legislation that would limit future profit-making. So the HSCA and the section 75 regulations that put into effect international harmonisation therefore become ‘set in stone’ – irreversible even with a different government authorised by a direct electoral mandate to take such a step.

The EU / US trade agreement is due to be signed late 2014, this, I fear, would put paid to any need for a referendum, as there would be nothing left to defend! ALL our Public Services Rights, sold off to Foreign Corporations, for what? A cheap labour deal that lines the pockets of millionaires and impoverishes the working nation!

We know from LA21 that the UN (or the people with all the money) want a one world government. The US / EU trade agreement being discussed at present, will bring two of the biggest continents together and take us a step closer to that ONE WORLD government!

It states in Agenda 21 ” Every person on Earth must be covered by Health Insurance”! What is being stated in these links are mostly happening in America, we are five years behind, as the Tories never won the General Election in 2005, which is when this should have been implemented initially.

satellite_in_space_tr_a_lc                 Agenda 21 full version.

Agenda 21 (ISBN #978-92-1-100509-7), was further produced in a UN book for each nation, the Global Biodiversity Assessment, (ISBN: # 10; 0521564816). This book is also discussed in the full version above.

The UK version can be found @

G. Edward Griffin talks about the left and right and what they mean to people, the far right supposedly Fascism and the far left Communism, but in fact there Ideologies are both the same! They are a ‘Collective’, basically they both agree on the same things in the National interest; Foreign Policy, Banks, Middle East, NHS and Third World Finance and the points they ‘argue’ about are the trivial matters, to ‘put on the show’, so to speak. Much of what I have been saying through-out this blog! Carol Quigley, mentor of Bill Clinton, once asked “How do we get people to believe they are living in a democracy?” And the answer was “We both control them”!

Look back through history and you will find movements to rule the world financed by big banks. Hitler and Lenin were both financed by American and English banks. This is what people need to fight against.  This brings me back to our aim, we must get rid of the three party system that serves themselves, Nigel Farage is similar to Americas Ron Paul, he is waking British people to the dangers of the EU and the UN just as Ron Paul did with Americans and in the same manner, both having very little media coverage. The internet has been their vehicle to promote their opinions, this is why America, EU and the UK are trying all methods to control it. They all condemn the Chinese control of their people and the internet, but would gladly take the power to do just that! Here is a link to G. Edward Griffin talking about just these issues;


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