21 reasons to stay in the EU!

The minister responsible for cutting income support for the poor, Iain Duncan Smith, lives on an estate owned by his wife’s family. During the last 10 years it has received €1.5m in income support from taxpayers. How much more obvious do these double standards have to be before we begin to notice?

Revealed: what we paid out in 2011 to the landowners of the United Kingdom!

The Queen                                                         £730,628

(The Royal Farms & Duchy of Lancaster)

Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia                     £273,905

(Glympton Farm)

Prince Charles                                                   £127,868

(Duchy of Cornwall)

Sir Richard Sutton                                         £1,681,261

(Settled Estates)

The Parker Family                                          £1,554,554

(Blankney Estates Ltd)

The Vesty Family                                           £1,069,731

(Thurlow Estate Farms Ltd)

Duke of Westminster                                       £748,716

(Grosvenor Farms Ltd)

Lord Carrington                                                £714,895

(Carrington Farms)

Earl of Plymouth                                               £675,085

(Earl of Plymouth Estates Ltd)

Matt Ridley                                                        £268,206

(Blagdon Farming Ltd)

Duke of Buccleuch                                           £260,273

(Langholm Farms Ltd)

Duke of Devonshire                                         £251,729

(Chatsworth House)

Duke of Atholl                                                   £231,188

(Blair Castle / Atholl Estates)

Serco                                                                        £2.7m

Severn Trent Water                                        £779,436

Welsh Water                                                      £391,395

Yorkshire Water                                                £163,809

Harrow School                                                       £4,622

Millfield School                                                     £3,506

Stowe School                                                         £3,295

Eton College                                                           £3,294


Is it any wonder these people don’t want us to leave? The average British household pays an average of £245 each per year towards the CAP. (Common Agricultural Policy). Because the EU has a loose definition of the word ‘Farmer’ the majority of these don’t even have to farm or produce anything? They just need to own the land?

The Money go round arrow_circle_angle_left_lb  When are we going to stop this?

THIS LINK IS A MUST READ! How we are taken for mugs!



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