Corruption in Public Office.

With the findings of Peers and one MP taking cash for questions in the house, coming to light, I ask what is your reaction and why? How do we control it, if we should? It has been suggested that they draw up a ‘list’?


I myself feel that a list will only help the MP’s, as it will inform them of the names that should be there and any person subsequently offering money, could be checked against the list. No name, don’t take the money! Simples!

Not surprised in the least, what does surprise me is, the poor excuses they offer for, supposedly, clever men. “We don’t get paid, so should be allowed to do work on the side” one eminent peer said. They have a title of privilege, which allows them perks, beside a title for the wife, who’s done jack, they get £300 a day just to turn up in Parliament? What surprises me also, is, why this has taken so long to rear its head? Go ask questions of the London Olympics last year? Did we get a break-down of how much it cost? Oh, we got given a figure, but was it broken down and audited, i.e. How much for hotels on top of the cost of the Olympic Village? Who for and why? Did we see how much was taken in receipts? Of all the people from various companies, who received ‘free’ tickets, did it benefit the public? If so, how? Exactly the same with Wembley Stadium, how much it should have cost compared to how much it did? Why such a huge difference? It’s public money and EVERY PENNY spent should be displayed in a public place (newspaper / internet site)., a full and properly audited breakdown. When it comes down to ‘X’ amount to company ‘Z’, what exactly did they do for that money? How much of this ‘public’ money was taxed? How much of the ‘infrastructure work’, that should have been charged to local council tax, put on the national tax bill?


See, in the Olympics, Lord Coe had his fingers in every pie, not one business sold anything that didn’t go through Lord Coe, why? Channel 4 did a ‘Dispatches’ program on it, but WE never got any answers? In fact now the Olympics are over we don’t hear anything of Lord Coe, just exactly what does he do the rest of the time? Liverpool people were given £50 million EU fund for ‘Kensington’ regeneration, I moved into a street off Kensington in 1968, that’s all it was, a road some  mile long, that, by the time the regeneration money came about, was in dire need of regenerating. They done some houses up and shops along the main road and stopped! People asked, why have you stopped? “We have ran out of money” they replied, where has it gone, what on? So they printed a breakdown in the Liverpool Echo, everything rounded up to a nice round number, Street lights £1000 each? They tried to explain that the cost included a new feed, but it didn’t, they took the old fitting down and a new one in its place. Three hours per fitting, my estimate. The list went on and wasn’t very comprehensive, it turns out Liverpool was in line for more funding from the EU and Kensington became an Area and the money went far and wide, even stretching to where I now live, in Wavertree? Still as Kensington Redevelopment Scheme money? That’s just me being cynical. It’s what humans do. Lie, Cheat and Steal.


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One Response to Corruption in Public Office.

  1. MGB says:

    Sad but seemingly true 😦

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