Is it ALL Related?

London HA’s secure EU loan?

Family Mosaic, A2 Dominion and Hanover Housing are in advanced talks to each agree a £50 million loan with the Housing Finance Corporation using £400 million of European Investment Bank debt and a portion of a £12 million pot of Joint European Support for Sustainable Investment in City Areas funding.”

There’s that word again, ‘sustainable‘ remember that from the Agenda 21 paper?  A 40 chapter document to rule the World. Were governments  are going to save the Planet, through sustainable development‘, this will happen, Globally, Nationally and Locally. Laws in the free west will be changed! People will be GUILTY until proven innocent (this is happening NOW in the EU), an end to National Sovereignty,(as across the EU and in UK) an end to Private Property and an end to the Family Unit! They also plan restrictions on Individual mobility and opportunity. A lot of these things are in place now, both in the UK and USA.

 All things unsustainable will be taken away, things like;

Private Property, Fossil fuels, Golf courses & ski-lodges, Consumerism, Irrigation (this will mean your water butts, no free water), Paved roads, Commercial Agriculture, Pesticides, Farm land, Pastures, Grazing of livestock.

A sustainable developer will be immune from any Constructional defect liability?

A precondition of accepting the cheap loans from the EIB is that associations develop affordable rent homes built to level 4 of the code for sustainable homes;

The opening paragraph of ‘Code for Sustainable Homes‘ a Crown Copyright booklet, is a lie in itself.

” As the Stern Review highlighted, there is now an overwhelming body

of scientific evidence showing that climate change is a serious and urgent

issue. In 2004, more than a quarter of the UK’s carbon dioxide emissions –

a major cause of climate change – came from the energy we use to heat,

light and run our homes. So it’s vital to ensure that homes are built in a

way that minimises the use of energy and reduces these harmful emissions.”

There has NEVER been any scientific evidence, this is why Global Warming is now known as Climate Change, we have 4 a year and they are called seasons!

 Boston Bombing & Woolwich Beheading!  This is the link to, that revealed the FBI staging the Boston Bombing, 15/4/2013,  Patriots day in America. They have pictures of Navy Seals in the background with back-packs on and Saudi people as well as a ‘Patsy‘ (someone to take the blame) Remember back in 1963, President Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas Texas, the ‘Patsy’ then was Lee Harvey-Oswald, they reckon Kennedy was assassinated because he wanted to re-nationalise the Bank of America, then, as now, money was issued as debt and the people that issued it, ran the governments. This ‘patsy’ was in court ready to be charged when released pictures LIVE ‘on-air’, of the navy seals and others at the finish line. The ‘patsy’ had to ushered out of court via a backdoor so the media couldn’t see him, TO LATE, Infowars already had the scoop and the pictures. (He’s probably dead now).

WHY? I hear you ask, well it’s all part of the Agenda 21, they need to frighten the people enough, to scare them into allowing the government to do as they want. For instance; when they were searching for the ‘culprits‘ of the bombing, they locked an entire town down and drove people into the street by gunpoint, they then searched their homes without the proper paperwork, (see below) or procedures being taken! This link ; is a confession by FBI their connection to Boston Bombing. This next link; reveals the cover up of Saudi ties to the bombing. And one of the amputees seen wiping fake blood on her leg.  (They used amputee actors) Also as reported in January, Obama would try to disarm the public and bring in martial law, first he needs somewhere to try it out? A retired army Lieutenant Colonel explains it all here;

 What better than Boston to have a Lock-down, (another word for Martial Law) without it being declared, BUT first we need a reason? Oh, yeh, we’ll stage a ‘terrorist attack’!

There is also this link to the American Department of Homeland Defence, purchasing over 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition?  more than was used in the whole Iran war? They have also asked if another 21 million can be supplied within 20/30 days?

We have just had, in the UK, a terrorist attack‘ 22/5/2013 on a soldier, this soldier was ran over by a car driven by the terrorists, who then jumped on him and beheaded him! When police arrived, they attacked the police cars and were subsequently shot!

It turns out that the two ‘terrorists’ were known to MI5, the UK intelligence agency, just as the two brothers accused with the Boston Bombing, known to FBI, in fact one of them had been approached to ‘work’ for MI5, ‘SPY‘ for them. Now what if this was a government (UK) set-up also? Two ‘Terrorists’ employed to attack a soldier? And it went horribly wrong? Or did it? For why? Well, the Tory side of UK coalition government, want to bring in a Snoopers Charter‘, permission to record ALL e-mails and phone calls made by EVERYBODY on the internet! (Notice, this will be World Wide, yet letting UK apply for it?) They also want to cut welfare payments ‘deeper’ than they already are which is below poverty level. Stopping them are their partners in coalition, the Liberal Democrats, who believe they are going too far in the private lives of people and that people on the bread-line are struggling enough. By committing this atrocity, they would panic the people into threatening the Liberals to change their mind, as this blog on Huff Post reveals;

What’s it all about, I hear you ask? Well the money men, (Bilderberg group) want to run the World, their way! So they are going to collapse economies; as admitted by J P Morgan here. And the Rothschild’s Bank of England Business ‘Global Economic Collapse’ will not be stopped; 

The ‘Patriot Act‘ is about the President, NOT the people, it’s this act that gives the authorities the right to search property with-out search warrants and such!


So people, You tell me, IS IT ALL RELATED? One thing it has done, taken peoples attention away from the Banks!


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