Know your rights

Increasing numbers of low incomes households could be at the mercy of aggressive bailiffs because of recent cuts in council tax benefits, according to Citizens Advice.

Not too long ago, a certain Roger Hayes was taken to court for bankruptcy over non-payment of his council tax. In court Roger challenged the ‘judge’, he asked him if he was ‘on his oath of office‘? The ‘judge refused to answer, three times he was asked and refused the same, Roger, along with some members of the BC Group then proceeded to arrest the judge. Mayhem ensued and the judge fled, since retired, here is a video of the incident (this government are trying to get it banned) although at the beginning it states BBC News, it was never broadcast? There are more clips that government are attempting to ban and all odf them are pertaining to YOUR RIGHTS! Here are three very good links to information on Your Rights, Common Law and a new way of banking.

There is also this talk with Roger Hayes; for some finer explanations.

Message to all callers
NOTICE:   ALL occupants of this household stand under Common Law.
Without prejudice or controversy, all inalienable rights reserved, none waived
Notice to agent is deemed notice to principal
Notice to principal is deemed notice to agent

Declaration of Dominion and Conditional Acceptance
Notification of reservation of right to privacy in my home under section 8 of the human rights act
Please note, an Appointment is ALWAYS necessary

Applies to:
Any Person working in any capacity for any business or other corporate entity, foreign or domestic
Any Person working in any capacity for any government department or body, foreign or domestic
Any Person working in any capacity for any local authority
Any emergency services not on call out to a reported emergency situation
Any workers or staff of any agency affiliated with collection of intellectual property or personal data
Bailiffs, debt collection agencies, or any Persons associated in any way with these groups

You have indicated to me that you wish to speak with me. I will be pleased to speak with you upon condition that you first read and understand and fulfil the terms of this document in order for me to satisfy myself that we have common grounds for discussion before disclosing any information to you. I seek clarification of my obligations to you and assurance that your requests are lawful.

If you cannot provide suitable evidence in respect of your claims, I reserve my right to respectfully and peacefully decline your invitation to communicate while reserving all my rights not to be bound to perform in any contracts revealed or unrevealed, and I will not accept any paperwork and will not sign anything, this must NOT be noted as refusal to co-operate (no controversy is created)

Furthermore it is my right to record any conversations for the purpose of crime prevention.
Furthermore, you do not have to say anything, but it may harm your defence if you fail to mention now something you later rely on in court. Anything you do say may be given as evidence.

Note that a guard dog lives at this property and may attack trespassers should forced-entry be made.

All visitors agree to act at the lawful direction of the occupants and act peaceably at all times.

You must provide suitable evidence here and now in respect of your claim, OR, you must leave.


I hereby remove your implied ‘right’ of access to this property and insist on no further correspondence with yourself either directly or indirectly, and by whatever medium.
If you continue to pursue the matter this will constitute an offence under the Protection From Harassment Act 1997.
You may NOT make any demand upon anyone (including ‘the occupier’) at this address in the future.


Please note: Legislation, Acts of Parliament, force used and common practice are all claims made upon me, however they are neither PROOF of Claim nor PROOF of Authority. The only proof they provide is proof of FORCE.
I seek satisfactory proof of claim of the following:

Proof of claim that I am a PERSON and not a man created as male/female by the divinity.
Proof of claim that I do not hold dominion over you under common law.
Proof of claim that you are the divinity, or stand between myself and the divinity.
Proof of claim of your jurisdiction, in respect of the above two points.
Proof of claim that I am obliged (by law) to communicate without prior appointment.
Proof of claim (ignore if inapplicable) that any legislation / statutory acts you are attempting to uphold are equivalent to law, and are enforceable without consent of those governed.
Proof of claim that I cannot simply ignore your questions.
proof of claim that there is a nameable society that I belong to and that the laws covered within any alleged transgressions state that they apply to me within that named society.
Proof of claim that you can demonstrate manifestation of intent by way of my wet ink signature on a contract between myself and yourselves.

Children, animals, and hazardous substances are present in this property, no liability will be accepted without prior arrangement, and hence I require completion of a criminal record background check of each individual and successful completion of any health and safety induction training programme I deem necessary.

In return, I agree to comprehend (but not stand under) your instructions and claims.
In return, I agree to communicate / contract with yourself and provide information (which is my intellectual property), on receipt of the required information, and with the following fee schedule applied:
1 (one) ounce of unblemished sterling silver bullion per word spoken by myself.
1 (one) ounce of unblemished pure gold bullion per completed sentence spoken by myself.

• You may NOT make available any of my information to a saleable register.

• You may NOT list any of my information on any public or private register.

Completion and signing of the following questionnaire binds both parties to the terms of this notice

1. What is your full name ___________________________________________________________________

2. Are you here representing yourself or a company ______________________________________________

3. What is the Name of the Company you represent ______________________________________________

4. What is your trading address or the address of the company you represent

5. What is the telephone number of the company you represent _____________________________________

6. What is your job title within the company _____________________________________________________

7. Name of Person, or other, you wish to speak with_______________________________________________

8. Brief outline of matter to be discussed________________________________________________________

9. Do you have proof that I gave you any authority over me Yes / No (delete as appropriate)
(If yes, be ready to provide documented proof of having been given authority over me, by me.)

10. Can you provide all proofs of your claims
(If yes, be ready to provide documented proof)

11. Can you provide a current CRB check for all present
(If yes, be ready to provide documented proof)

12. Do you hold a current data protection registration certificate
(If yes, be ready to provide documented proof)


Your signature: __________________________
Dated: ___________________



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