Coalition to Split….hints Cameron.

The following is an extract from an interview with Cameron, my pieces are in bold and Italics.

Coalition to Split…..hints Cameron.

David Cameron has raised the possibility of ending the coalition with Nick Clegg early after speaking out about his “frustration” with the Liberal Democrats. The Conservative prime minister said disagreements with his Lib Dem coalition partners were blocking measures that he wanted to take in government.

And he signalled he was ready to end the power-sharing deal with Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg if the rows worsened.

Mr Cameron said the coalition was currently the best way to deliver good government, but also publicly spoke about the possibility of that changing.               Does this mean we are getting a BAD government?

If the current administration split, it could result in a minority Tory government or an early general election.

The coalition is currently due to run until 2015, when the next general election is scheduled to be held. “The coalition has its frustrations, there’s no doubt about it, and we have disagreements,” said Mr Cameron in an interview with Total Politics magazine.

“Sometimes those disagreements mean you can’t take actions in the areas you want to, but when I stand back and look at the coalition, I still think what’s remarkable is how radical we have been in making really important changes in our country.                    For whose benefit have you made these changes?  It hasn’t been for the people, the majority of whom are some £900 a year worse off, despite the claims of one Mr Clegg. He seems to forget that what-ever the government give, (£600 tax allowance) they take back two-fold in stealth and indirect taxation. Could it have been for MP’s and Lord’s? There is a list of vested interest in the privatisation of the NHS, with the names of prominent members (320+) of both houses on it, but no members of the public? Will we see similar list’s regarding; Rail, Mail, Water, Education and Police? Or is it this scam;

you and your friends are running? And how it works, here;

“I’m here to deliver good government for the country, and we’ve still got important work to do – paying down the deficit, turning round the economy, and all the rest of it.  Why have you been dealing with ‘the rest of it’? You have ran head first into privatising public services, namely Rail, Mail, Water, Education, Police and Health as discussed in the Lansley link below and continue to pour tax payers money into other private bodies, as evidenced here;

When you’ve clearly put the economy and deficit out front?

What matters to me, though, is can we get things done?                      Such has?

Osborne has cancelled any more spending until 2015.  ????

“Can we improve the state of the country?                YES!   Why, to date have you not built any houses? 

We have since before your election been short of housing, social and private, yet Osborne has continually pumped up the housing bubble, rather than build new homes?

 Can we fulfill our manifesto?”  You never had a MANIFESTO!  You and your government have ran rough shod over the general public, you have made the unemployed and disabled suffer for the misgivings of your banker friends. Rather than impose a tax on the people who can most afford it, you have crucified people in weak positions. You have set about an irreversible act of privatising the NHS, as evidenced here;       and in this piece here;

He added: “The best way to do that is to continue with the coalition, but if that wasn’t the case then we’d have to face the new circumstances in whatever way we should.”

The prime minister’s comments come as he has come under criticism from within his own ranks over Europe and gay marriage.

Former Conservative foreign secretary Lord Geoffrey Howe has also accused Mr Cameronof losing control of his own party as the Tories “long, nervous breakdown” over Europe continues.


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