The Agenda

Since the ‘coalition’ was formed the Tory half have pressed for privatisation of the NHS, just two weeks ago, 13/4/2013  s75 of the NHS bill, passed through the house effectively doing just that! Doctors have been trusted with the NHS budget, but it has come to light that the doctors won’t be in charge. They have been duped into believing that they would be in charge of funding, in truth with the passing of s75, the real people in charge will be the markets. Any business will now be allowed to ‘tender’ for a piece of the action and doctors won’t have a say. Is it any wonder then, that we find now; Doctors trust in the Tory party has diminished? 54% of Tory voting, now prefer the Labour Party with the NHS, but why? How, after 13 years of Labour government, were the Tory party allowed to ‘gain’ control, they never had a mandate, and so swiftly set this in motion?

Did, perchance, they have any help? Other than the right amount of LibDem votes, who else could have placed so many bricks in position, so as to allow this to happen? Step forward the Labour Party! Yes, those trusted peers of the realm, those same people that 54% of doctors trust, with the NHS! How so? I hear you ask, have a listen here; an exacting interview, in which ALL the pitfalls are laid bare, from its inception in 1988 under dear old Maggie, through John Major and then on to Labour. Showing where all the little pieces went and who placed them, how we will have to pay for a visit TOO the doctor, not them coming to you. How insurance will step in and cover people’s health, but be wary, not ALL will pay out. In the interview, Lucy explains how this can’t be undone, it has been written in such away that the ‘bidders’ can sue!! Something like we were told selling off the Utilities was, why then do Labour tout for votes by saying they will REPEAL the NHS privatisation Act? Number one on Michael Meacher’s list of policies!

This brings me very nicely to, Tory Blair, who in 1997 as Labour Party leader went to Rio de Janeiro, here he attended the Earth Summit. This was a meeting set-up by the UN, a meeting to get on board countries, who wanted to save the Planet, this was to be done under a new ‘buzz’ word, ‘Sustainable Development’! 179 signed and the UK was one of them. Now you may think this is a great idea, saving the Planet, but from whom? It’s only when you start reading and listening that you realise what is ‘UNSUSTAINABLE’! Everything you now hold dear, will vanish. Society as we know it, Family Life, Grazing Cattle, Public Land Ownership. If you Google ‘The Millennium Papers’ you will get an in-depth report as to everything that is going on and where they are up to, or if you want the quick version, go to this link. AGENDA 21 for Dummies.

“ Five years ago, the Rio Summit launched
Agenda 21. Since then 70% of our local authorities
have been inspired to ‘think global, act local’
through Local Agenda 21. But we must do more.
I want all local authorities in the UK to adopt
Local Agenda 21 strategies by the year 2000.”
RT Hon Tony Blair MP
UK Prime Minister’s speech to the 1997 Earth Summit II



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