Can we change this?

What a day to bury bad news and I don’t mean Maggie Thatcher, I am of course referring to the 70,000 that have just joined the unemployment list, bringing the total to 2.56 million. Back in the day, Maggie (1979- 1990) managed to get it to 3.0 million, let’s hope this cretin doesn’t get that far. She managed to put hundreds of thousands out of work just by closing down the companies they worked in, ship building, steel manufacturing, the car industry, trawling and mining to name but a few. She then sold off our utility companies, laying waste to thousands more, the jobs went, but the people are still here, even more due to Labours open door policy. What should have happened here, is companies, who benefited from technology, should have paid in to a pot to fund Technical Collages, not close them!

From the time Maggie laid waste all those thousands of jobs, right up to present day, with the introduction of Robots, Computers and machines, we were always going to produce more people than jobs! Then, after 6 Tory terms of office, we had the great workers hope, step up Tory Blair, cousin of Maggie Thatcher & John Major. This man was expected to reverse a lot of Tory policies, he didn’t, he carried on with the Tory spending, he introduced the minimum wage, designed (on the back of an envelope) to stop the exploitation of people in work. It didn’t, greedy Tory businesses used it as the normal working wage, thus cutting peoples wages overnight. Then Tory Blair opens our borders to the throngs of foreign labour, this reduces the rates of those (skilled labour) that still had any semblance of a decent wage.

Then in 2007, we have the big bang, the unforeseen happened and greedy bankers crashed the markets world wide. The then PM, Gordon Brown, who stepped in from the position of chancellor, when Blair resigned, steadied the economy, all the other governments took his lead to save themselves. We then had an election in 2010, by this time the country were in shock, we were coming out of a recession and had 0.4% growth, but who does one trust? They have all proved they are not fit for purpose, we have been governed by spivs, career politicians who are paid to do the bidding of big business, never mind the people! Anyway there was no out right winner and the Lib’s got in bed with the Tories to form a coalition. Osborne introduced austerity which in turn strangled our growth and sent us into another recession. (It’s worth noting here that ALL other countries that followed Browns lead, stayed in growth) We’ve come full circle to the top of the page, we are bobbing along the bottom with 0.1% growth forecast, 2.56 million unemployed, the welfare state under attack, the NHS all but privatised and our monetary system and taxation system in dire need of an overall. The Coalition has shot its bolt, Osborne, in his last budget, threw the towel in when he consigned everything till 2015, (admitting they will lose the majority in the May Local elections). What of the future for the people of this country? There is a cull going on at present, the unemployed, sick and disabled are being financially raped while the top 10% are given tax breaks and rebates (that they don’t need) There appears to be a race to have certain criteria in place by 2015, not just in this country either.

In 1997 at Rio de Janeiro the Earth Summit, Tory Blair signed us up to a EU & UN led policy, this policy is about protecting the Planet through ‘Sustainable Development‘. Sounds great, yes we’ll have some of that! But wait……..the idea is to get rid of everything that ISN’T sustainable, what isn’t sustainable? Would it surprise you if I said….Family life!….the owning of Private Land!……Grazing Cattle!……Skiing!….I tell you the truth, go here and watch, (10 minutes) ‘  The three main parties in the UK are signed up to this Agenda 21, my intention is to make YOU aware of it, because everything is being done with stealth! Here is a more complex explanation by Lord Monkton (45 minutes) The only party that has policies that are in opposition to this (designed or otherwise) is UKIP because they want to give power BACK to the people!

Finally as an Evertonian, may I give my respects to the 96 and say one thing; Bernard Ingam, you sir, are the contemptible one! You and your greedy self-serving friends in low places!

Thanks for reading.


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Like fishing, travel and reading. My favorite football team is Everton. I'm married to Teresa and we have 2 children.
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